Chill Out and Drink Tea

You guys know I’m crazy over iced tea when the weather starts to heat up. I steer away from brands like Lipton because they’re so sweet but sometimes it’s all that’s available!

On a recent trip to Tesco I found some little cartons of iced tea I’d never seen before, from a company called Hampstead Tea.


At £1.39 each I thought I’d give the Elderflower flavour a go. I popped it in the fridge and it wasn’t long before I got home from work and needed something refreshing to guzzle.

On trying the tea I was so pleasantly surprised. It was real non sweetened iced tea with a lovely refreshing and subtle elderflower taste. After tweeting about how much I loved it, Hampstead Tea asked if I would like to try the other flavours. Of course I said yes! The range, as pictured above, is Raspberry, Elderflower and Lemon Green tea.

Firstly I love the packaging. They’re super portable, resealable and when I drink from the carton I feel like I’m being a rebel and drinking milk from the fridge – I love it!

The flavours are amazing. The ingredients are all natural, organic and there are no artificial flavourings.  In fact here’s what Hampstead Tea say:

In True Hampstead style we have compromised on nothing. Our delicious iced teas use real leaf tea, for a “true brew” experience. They are fairtrade, organic, biodynamic with no artificial flavourings and low calories. Our innovative packaging is environmentally friendly.

Elderflower is my favourite because it just add a subtle sweetness. The green tea with lemon is very refreshing and the raspberry flavour has a mellow sharpness. This is the closest shop bought iced tea I have found to home-brewed iced tea, in the UK. It really is that good! Because of the cute packaging, these iced teas will definitely feature in any summer picnics I might have this year.

It’s so refreshing (geddit!) to find a company selling iced tea that isn’t pumped full of colours, flavours and sugar. It tastes healthy and is a great alternative to water – which I do get bored with believe it or not! If you’re used to Lipton then you might find the flavour a little odd at first, because true iced tea is very dry in the mouth and not sweet in the way you’ve been used to, but do persevere, and you’ll be converted! If you want to try real iced tea for the first time then start off with these little cartons. Because they have the added flavours you’ll find it’s a nice way to ease into the wonders of fresh iced tea!

I found my cartons for £1.39 at my local Tesco.

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After my initial purchase of Hampstead Iced Tea, I was asked if I would like to try the other flavours for free. This review is totally honest – don’t believe me? Go buy it and try it yourself!

6 thoughts on “Chill Out and Drink Tea

  1. I’ve never ever tried iced tea before! I think my favourite flavours would be the Elderflower and the Raspberry though. I love the cute packaging as well!

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