Work Hard, Play Hard

Hello! I’m still here! I know I haven’t written a proper post in a little while. I’ve been so busy and tired out with stuff that I haven’t found the time to blog. Sad 😦

Work’s a bit hectic at the moment – working odd shifts and then having to find the time to run let alone blog.

Running took a downturn since my knee injury. I have, however, bought a Mueller knee strap and since it arrived I’ve run with it twice and had NO knee pain. It’s a miracle piece of kit! Training for the 5k was taking a nose dive because I was having to take so many rest days I was starting from scratch each time I ran. But today I added an additional half mile onto my training and felt good. I’m so excited that I should be back on track within the week!

Gary came running with me twice last week, which was amazing since he hasn’t been able to do any exercise, due to health issues, for many years. He thinks he’ll be able to start running with me again soon.

Also, I have recently discovered Vine – yes I’m slow on the uptake. If you’re on there please find me and add me (I’m Groggits!)

(That’s my first vine video!)

Last night Gary and I went to the wedding reception of one of my ex work friends. We had an amazing night catching up with friends and having fun. It was so nice to see everyone together again!


We had great fun singing and dancing to some very cheesy tunes and generally acting a bit stupid – that’s what it’s all about! This morning my throat hurt and I could have done with an extra 4 hours sleep on top of what I got – but I had to work so I had to man-up and get on with it. (And I still managed to run this evening!)

So that’s just a quick catch up of what’s been going on. There’ll be more soon – promise! 😀
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