This Week So Far & Kittens

There are no kittens in this post…… but now I have your attention…

Even though it’s only Tuesday, I feel like it’s the end of the week because I just worked the last 6 days straight. Today I’ve been very lazy and spent most of it watching the tv under a blanket. But this morning we went to Costco and I stocked up on coconut water and Gary found a great pair of Nike running shoes – looks like he’s on the mend and will be back running with me in no time! I also bought some amazing spiced cous cous which I tried for lunch today. It’s so quick and simple, I can see it being very handy for lunches at home and at work.

Speaking of work, I had some news regarding my contract today confirming that it will finish at the end of August. Most people would be upset that they were having to leave their job but I went into the contract knowing that it was only maternity cover and now I’m eager to jump into my next challenge with both feet – whatever that challenge may be!

On the running front I’m doing pretty well. I’ve been so aware that I should be running further than I had been in my training plan since my 5k is only a week and a half away. Because of my knee pain I’d just been trying to do any distance I could before the agony started, but now I have a knee strap I can focus on distance again – finally! So Sunday I ran 2 miles and yesterday, instead of increasing my distance by 10%, I increased it by half a mile….. naughty me! Just as I was coming up the final straight my most favourite song came onto the playlist and I was actually singing along by the time I ran past my goal. In fact I felt like I could have carried on but thought I’d better not since my legs were seizing up….. I now know that I need to add this track as a Powersong on my Nike+ app! This week I intend to do 2 more runs, both of which will be 2.5 miles and then Sunday I’ll increase to 3 miles. I can only run a few times next week before enforcing 2 days of rest before race day. I’m so excited though! It feels like it’s been coming along for ages. I’m running with Tash along the race route on Friday night so I can get a feel for the trail before the actual day. I can’t wait!

It’s my Mum’s birthday on Saturday and I have the weekend off so I’m looking forward to spending time with the family all together – even if the weather is meant to be heavy rain and storms – I LOVE storms anyway 😀

There’s another birthday coming up soon…. my big 30! I’m really excited but trying hard to think of what to do to celebrate it. It all depends on whether I have a job or not, but I’d love to either have a party or go and see a show (I’d love to see Wicked in London). I also like the idea of having a picnic or some of my friends have suggested a camping weekend away somewhere, which might be nice to do at the weekend. I’m also going to post my ’30 by 30′ list of cool things I’ve achieved up until this point, soon. I can’t wait to turn 30 (even if I did almost get charged the kid’s price on the bus yesterday…..)

What would you suggest as a fun way to celebrate a big age milestone? What did you or will you do for yours?

Oh… okay…. as a reward for reading this post, here’s a kitteh


All better? Good 😀
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4 thoughts on “This Week So Far & Kittens

  1. Phew, there was a kitten after all!

    Keep up the great work on your running girly, I wish I had your enthusiasm and enjoyment for it. It always just feels hard to me lol! And definitely go see Wicked, I loved it. Yay for being 30!

    1. Do you know what? I know for sure I wouldn’t have the motivation to keep training if I didn’t have races planned to work towards. After this 5k I have another 5k and a 10k planned in, so that I don’t lose my mojo. So make sure you sign up for some stuff!!

  2. Love your attitude! I’m sure your confidence is something that employers love, too.
    Great things will be happening with your career developments soon, I bet! 🙂

    Turning 30 is awesome and I can’t wait to read about your achievements. For my 30th, I had a lovely dinner at the French Laundry in Napa. It was a dream come true! For Patrick’s 30th we had an awesome weekend in Las Vegas. Funny story, the hotel gave us a whole package of complimentary upgrades and one of them was 2 tickets to the Phantom of the Opera. We looked at our schedule and realized the only night we could fit it in was the evening of Patrick’s actual birthday. I love musicals, but I doubt that’s the way he imagined turning 30, haha. It was so much fun!

    1. Wow that’s awesome – and what a great idea – I might suggest to Gary that we book a restaurant I’ve been wanting to try for a while called The Hand and Flowers which has I think 2 Michelin stars… might be fun!

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