All Change

My job contract ends very soon. When I moved back to my current company it was to get my foot in the door, on a maternity contract. I knew it was the right move to make – I wasn’t done with that company yet. I’ve learned a lot and got to stretch my legs in a higher role with a company I love. But it didn’t go the way I’d hoped, the person who went on Mat leave is coming back and there are no job opportunities for me.


one of my best friends contacted me a few weeks ago and told me about a position in her company that was coming up which she thought I’d be perfect for. It’s an admin job and I’ve wanted to get into admin for ages and ages. I went and interviewed on Tuesday and yesterday found out I got the job! I’ve finished my journey with my current employers. I don’t regret a moment of it, but I’m really ready for something different.

It’s going to change my life. Honestly. That sounds dramatic, but I’ve never had a Monday to Friday job with regular hours. Weekends and Bank Holidays off. I’ll get time with G Man at the weekends and my evenings will be free for running and I can now join a gym!

It also means that now I have a permanent job we can start house hunting properly. I have three weeks left at my job, a week off and then I start the new one. I can’t wait.

Sometimes I hate change but I LOVE this one. Things are on the up!

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3 thoughts on “All Change

  1. Erin, this is wonderful, fantastic news! I’m so glad you were patient, insightful and confident about what would happen and then rewarded for it. That is so awesome 🙂 I worked admin for many years and I’m sure you’ll find that admin has its pros and cons, but there are many opportunities there, especially for someone as smart and utterly capable as you. Best of luck to you! Hope you and Gary can go out and celebrate!

    1. Thank you! Yes, fate certainly knows what it’s doing. It’s hard to trust is sometimes. This time it’s come up trumps. There will definitely be some celebrating 🙂

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