The Big Fun Run MK – Recap

Sunday was the day of my second planned 5k race, organised by Big Fun Run. It took place around the lakes I’ve been training around, which was handy as the route was nice and familiar. What with the weather being as hot as it’s been and my work schedule being so rammed I’d only managed 3 training runs in the three weeks between the Race for Life and the Big Fun Run. Eek. I knew it would be hard.

Thankfully the weather was overcast and around 22 degrees for the run – perfect! Also, a few days before Gary decided he would run with me and Tash. After having only started running 4 weeks ago and having just recovered from an operation its super duper amazing that he can already run 5k. I was so excited to have him run with me!

So the morning of the race we got ready, picked up Tash and drove to the lake. We had to arrive an hour before so that Gary could collect his number as he was a late entry. We gathered on a green before the race and were ushered to one end so we could do a warm up. I have to say the warm up was way too strenuous and I was totally exhausted before we started. Not a good plan. For example he had us doing burpees at the end of it – I’ve never done a burpee in my life and I’m not going to start two minutes before a race. I’d only end up doing it wrong and injuring myself. I stuck to my normal stretches. Gary said afterwards he didn’t feel like he’d stretched his legs properly before hand.

At the start line only about 5 rows back, when the gun went off I sprinted out with the rest. I knew I’d shot off too fast but I didn’t care. The music in my ears was perfect and the adrenaline of legging it out with a bunch of other runners was amazing. I slowed right down and started to pace myself pretty quickly. When we hit 1.5km I slowed to find Tash and we started to run together. I really really enjoy running along side Tash. We have a similar pace and style and it’s so much more fun. Almost all the way around the first lake I started to feel the humidity get to me and I slowed down and ended up walking a pace. Tash overtook and after a while I could only make her out by her swinging pony tale!

After getting a little frustrated at being overtaken by Bananaman and Spiderman I decided to start running again at a measured pace, and then I could see the finish. I picked up my pace and saw my Father in Law, screamed at him so I could wave and then saw a friend from my old job. I’d only met her 3 weeks previously but she’d come down to cheer me on – Amazing! Then I spotted my Mother in Law and it was a sprint to the finish. Tash was already there with her goody bag and medal and just after I collected mine Tash shouted “Is that Gary?” There he was proper sprinting his way down the finish!

All of our apps read 3.01 miles, so I’m a little unsure whether the route was marked correctly or if it was the GPS, but we still beat our previous race by a few minutes!


You can see from the above image the areas which are orange were where I slowed or walked, but I’m pretty pleased with a 10’38” average pace considering I walked some! After the race we had a catch up with our supporters and a rummage through our goody bags. And of course some photos!


Our second race of many, I’m now looking for a 5 miler or 10k to be my next. Any suggestions?


The medal’s not too shabby! It was tough since we hadn’t been able to train properly but so so much fun. I’m so proud of Gary breaking through his illness, operations and the tiredness that comes with Crohn’s and running 5k in just 4 weeks. I hope this is the start of something!


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