Day Trippin’

Last week’s plans for bike riding around London were thwarted due to a nasty stomach bug which lasted from Monday evening until Wednesday afternoon. The heat didn’t help things.

Thursday Gary worked from home and I went on an ill-fated bike ride (more on that later in the week!)That evening one of my friends had a birthday meal and I really wanted to be better for that – and I was! The meal was lovely – a carvery dinner in a little pub with friends and good chats. I love my little group of friends. So nice to sit and chat with like-minded couples.

On Wednesday afternoon, Gary had suggested that I come and meet him in London from work and we could have a bit of an evening out, since we’d had to cancel our original plans. I really wanted to visit a Lorna Jane pop up shop in Covent Garden which is only there for two weeks, so I grabbed the chance. I also contacted one of my best friends who lives in London to see if she was free to meet up at all. She said she was so we arranged to meet up before she started work.

Friday morning I hopped on the train and met my friend, Sarah, at Euston. We took the tube to Trafalgar Square and Sarah introduced me to one of her favourite little coffee shops, Notes. The place was adorable and the food was so fresh and amazing. I’ll definitely go back.

Asparagus, pea and tomato salad with balsamic dressing. Strawberry infused Green iced tea.
Asparagus, pea and tomato salad with balsamic dressing. Strawberry infused Green iced tea.


We then headed towards Spitalfields Market where Sarah was due to start work. It was great to catch up and have a proper, relaxed, catch up. I had a little mooch in her shop and bought a tee I’d seen a while back, but it was now hugely discounted – a must have! As I was paying I saw a gorgeous dress but didn’t want to try it on because I knew I’d love it – and it was rather expensive! From there I headed to Covent Garden for a look around and to find that pop up shop.

Lorna Jane is an Australian active wear brand for women, a bit like Sweaty Betty. Their stuff is really cute and feminine but also practical. I bought myself a headband. Finally I can stop running with the cotton ones I got at Claire’s Accessories – it’s way too hard to find headbands to work out in! I loved the things they had in the shop and will probably buy some of their stuff online at some point. The sales woman was lovely and invited me to their 5k runs whilst they are in the shop – alas London is a bit far for me to go for a 5k but it was nice to be asked!


From Covent Garden I headed to Canary Wharf to meet Gary from work. I love meeting him here and seeing him walking out of the big important buildings! It makes me so proud! I mentioned the dress I’d seen in Spitalfields (I hadn’t stopped thinking about it!) and he suggested we go back so I could try it on. So we did. Which meant I got to see Sarah again! I tried it on and it was a perfect fit – so we bought it! (with a little help from Sarah’s friend discount!)

Next it was back to Covent Garden for dinner. Shake Shack have just opened a London location (the first in the UK!) in Covent Garden and we couldn’t wait to try it. I got myself a Shack Burger, Fries, Fifty Fifty (half lemonade half iced tea – it was AMAZING!) and a sticky toffee concrete (frozen custard dessert). I have to say the best part of the burger was the bun. I couldn’t taste their special sauce and the beef didn’t taste beefy enough for me. The chips were tasty but too many of them and the concrete was too melted even as soon as we got it. The Fifty Fifty was awesome. I think I would come back once the lines outside have disappeared and get a drink from there, but not much else. We need to try Five Guys next!


We walked from here to Leicester Square – the Underground was too hot by now, and then I suggested we walk to Buckingham Palace. So we did.


Then we headed to the London Eye via St James’ Park. We had a little rest on a bench by a lake in the park. It was so relaxing. On our way to the Thames we passed Westminster Abbey and I realised I’d never been to it before. It looks beautiful. I think we’ll visit it when it’s open one day so we can look around inside.

westminster abbey

By this point I was getting rather tired and Gary had already worked a full day in London and then done pretty much a full day’s sightseeing so we decided to call it a day. After a short rest overlooking the Thames we headed back to the Underground and home. It was an amazing day, so it turns out my stomach bug was fortuitous!

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2 thoughts on “Day Trippin’

  1. Whoa! You have Five Guys there too?! That’s pretty interesting actually. I never would have guessed that. We have them here in AZ, but I still haven’t tried it…yet so many of my friends talk about it quite a bit. Your fifty fifty is what we call an Arnold Palmer here…he was some famous golfer. Can’t quite remember why the drink was named after him…but either way, it is one of my favorite drinks! So refreshing and super tasty. Mmmmmmm.

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