Mini Catch Up

So I’ve completed a week and a half of my new job and have ridden to work on my bike 3 times so far. Both are enjoyable though I’m enjoying the job more than the biking. I just get quite tired legs and I’m worried how it’s effecting my running.

The job is really good though. I’m learning a lot and feel this week that I’m getting the hang of stuff I learned last week and putting them into practice. I can see a plan for my job going forward and feel like I can really take control of the areas that I need to. It’s all good!

I’m loving working with my bezzy friend again and the other people in the office are really nice and I get on with them well. I’m even bonding with the office dog 😀


My latest runs have been disasters. I have been so tired and my brain hasn’t been into it, and I’m starting to get a little concerned about my 10k which is looming. But Gary’s really supporting me and has devised a plan for me to follow. And he’s going to follow it with me as far as I can tell! I couldn’t do this without his support.

Last night we went to Willen Lake Peace Pagoda for a Hiroshima Day memorial. It was very calming and interesting and at the end lit lanterns were floated onto the lake. It was really nice to watch.


The coming weekend is packed full with stuff to do and get done so I’m sure I’ll have a fun-filled blog for you at some point on Sunday!

Enjoy the rest of your week!

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