30 by 30

I’ve read many lists online written by people coming up to 30 who want to set goals – they write their 30 by 30. A list of things they wish to achieve before they hit 30 years old. While this is a nice idea, I think it’s a little sad. I have already achieved so much, coming up to my 30th birthday on Thursday, that I feel I should celebrate those and look forward to my next years rather than dismissing what I’ve already done and trying for more. So I decided to compile a list of my 30 achievements (little and big) by 30 years old. They’re the stupid things that made great memories, and the big things that have shaped who I am today.

Here it is!:

  1. For about 2 years I managed to do something that scared me EVERY DAY. It wasn’t by choice to start with. It was part of doing a job which took me totally out of my comfort zone. I decided to embrace it rather than let it destroy me. Eventually I found that I wasn’t doing something that scared me every day because the same things just didn’t get to me in the same way. I became stronger.
  2. I got a ridiculous make-over with my Sister just before she got married. It was one of those free ones they offer at the make-up counter and we knew it would be terrible. We both came out looking like the Joker…… There are photographs somewhere….
  3. I got married to ‘The One’ – nuff said.71_6655970726_3256_n
  4. I became happy in my own skin. It took a while, but I did it.
  5. I saw the dark side and came back from it. For a while I was very unhappy. Diagnosed with an anxiety disorder and feeling depressed (though I don’t think I actually was). I didn’t recognise it until I was on my way out. Support from family and friends was imperative and it still is. I flit back into the shadows sometimes, but I’m able to gain support from various places (including you guys!) and come back. It’s taking each day as it comes.
  6. I slept in a car by the side of the road in Wales on a whim after deciding last-minute to drive and see a concert. It was a fun night, by a stream whilst sheep looked on. Comfy car too. The next morning my friend and I ended up in a Tesco bathroom applying make up on top of our make up and brushing our teeth. Classy.swansea1
  7. Been there for a friend.
  8. Let a friend be there for me. This was harder than it sounds.18557_431773310726_1693871_n
  9. Realised that as you get older you have less shame. It means I have more fun!
  10. Discovered that as I get older I still feel 19. (Shh it’s a secret that all adults are just winging it!)
  11. Stayed up all night to watch the Oscars, with a friend who was actually part of a group nominated for one!
  12. Rode rollercoasters – and loved it! I’m now addicted.428672_10152936494690727_285990737_n
  13. Published a book. It’s available on Blurb – shameless plug 😀71542_500443130504_5843157_n
  14. Sold my photographs.
  15. Performed at the Royal Albert Hall and Millennium Dome (now the O2)
  16. Sent a message into space in a time capsule. It’s orbiting the Earth right now!
  17. Never ever taken drugs.
  18. Worked in a place I loved – and returned to finish the job!
  19. Been to a million festivals and gigs, and plan to keep it up!36201_10150220234325727_267950_n
  20. Danced like no one was watching. The most amazing feeling surrounded by people doing the same.
  21. Attended the Olympics last year and saw the Athletics. The first spark in my running addiction!Me outside the stadium
  22. Drove a quad bike across fields. I didn’t do very well but it was fun trying!
  23. Learned that I can do anything if I set my mind to it, and try to be patient!
  24. Celebrated Christmas in August.
  25. Laughed until it hurt and tears were streaming.
  26. Dropped everything and just went.
  27. Interviewed for jobs and told them what I wanted – and got it – on three separate occasions.
  28. Taken a massive risk and knew that it felt right.
  29. Wanted to take up running, took it up, trained, found I was okay at it and have now completed two races! I’m currently training for my first 10k which is in 4 weeks!after
  30. Felt totally and completely free.

There’s more. Some of these might not seem important, but they’re super important to me. I can’t wait to write my 60 by 60 – imagine the person I could be by then!

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