Grave Encounters

By now you should all know I love my scary movies. A while back Gary and I watched a movie called Grave Encounters.


The idea behind it was that this team were making a ghost hunting series (like Most Haunted) and visited an old asylum. They were locked in by the janitor who said he would return at 6am. The ‘real’ footage you see is unedited (other than for time) and includes evidence that the team were faking their usual shows and didn’t believe any of it was real. Of course they’d be proven otherwise. The film started off cheesy and slow, but gradually became more intelligent, jumpy and pretty impressive. It also gave big nods towards one of my favourite reads from last year, House of Leaves.

We were so impressed with this movie that we thought it was worth watching the sequel!

A film student who reviewed the original movie on his blog was sent a cryptic message from someone indicating that the footage was real and not a fake, as had been promoted by the production company. Being persuaded by lots of evidence introduced to him by his mystery source, he grabs some friends and locates the asylum himself so he can make up his own mind. Craziness ensues. The second movie was almost as good as the first. Some of the effects were a little crummy, but I guess you can expect that. I liked how this wasn’t just a sequel but a great continuation of the first movie and it rounded things off well. Again, nods to House of Leaves to the extent that I might try re-reading the 709 page tome.

Both films are worth a watch, but make sure you watch them in order (and have a cushion handy just in case you like to have something to hide behind!)
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