Weekend, Wall and Wonderful Surprises

Well, I have had a jam-packed and eventful weekend!

Yesterday, after my driving refresher lesson I did some house work and then Gary and I headed off to London, to have some dinner and then head to Wembley Stadium. Roger Waters was doing another tour of The Wall. Having seen it before, two years ago in Manchester, we knew we had to see it again if we had the chance.

For anyone who doesn’t know about Pink Floyd’s The Wall, I’ll let you wiki it and read about it yourself. For those who do know what it is, you should be jealous if you haven’t managed to see it – it’s a spectacular.

We started off by heading for some dinner at Bodeans in Soho. I had pulled pork, chips, coleslaw and corn bread. Yummy! Then we set off for the show. On entering the stadium we noticed that the wall spanned the entire stadium and was bigger than we’d seen the last time. I’d never been into Wembley Stadium so I was generally impressed by the whole place anyway.


The show is an event rather than a music concert. There’s a story and you’re involved in it. The sound was incredible and went around the stadium so you could hear things going on behind you and around you, which sometimes made it quite frightening (but in a good way!). I was amazed at the graphics which were projected onto the wall the whole way through. This with the surround sound really helped to immerse you in the whole thing. I know we’ll probably not get to see it ever again, so I’m glad we got to have a second go and really experience it again.


We were really lucky with the weather because it had been raining a lot of the day and the stadium was open roofed. On the drive home it was really foggy, and eerie.

Gary had been telling me all day that his parents wanted to take us out for the day on Sunday and that he didn’t know what they wanted to do. When we woke up this morning I asked him to find out what we were doing because I wanted to know what to wear – it was rainy and windy. He told me we were going to a shopping village nearby so to wrap up warm but layer and take a brolly. We woke up fairly late so had tea and toast in bed and watched The Great North Run. It looked very cold and windy and wet there too! I got ready and was waiting to leave, picking at Gary because he wasn’t ready yet. The doorbell went and Gary told me to get it, I opened the door and there were Jen and Sarah, two of my best friends shouting surprise!…… I was super shocked and confused! They said they were taking me on a surprise day out as a belated birthday present!

So I hopped in the car and we headed off to an undisclosed location! We arrived in Cambridge a fun road trip later, and began our day out! 1176267_10153388649995727_2083259091_n

It felt very autumnal but nice and cosy as we wandered around and looked in the little nooks and funky shops. It started to rain so we dived into Byron burger for our lunch. We had yummy burgers and lots of chats and giggles. After food we carried on wandering around. Cambridge is so pretty and has some lovely unique shops. The rain started again so we headed into a little tea shop for a cuppa and more hilarious moments. Some of the shops were still open when we came out so we headed back to the car via those. It was such a lovely day and we laughed so much I gave my stomach muscles a great work out!


I love those girls! It was a wonderful surprise and day trip and even the weather didn’t spoil it! Thanks girlies 😀 xx
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