Clearing My Weekend

First of all, I’d like to say ‘Hello’ to all my new visitors! I have been getting a lot of blog traffic due to a Pinterest post Chicken and Frogs which included a recipe. I hope you’ve all enjoyed it and if you made it I’d love to see what you think! I’ve also had a huge amount of visitors due to my post about Grave Encounters which is nice to see because I really enjoyed those movies and I hope you did too!

So this weekend I had quite a lot planned but the whole of the week I was so exhausted that towards the end of the week I started to cancel my plans. I have had such a wonderfully lazy weekend and it’s been a welcome change because I swear I haven’t had a chill out like this for about 3 months. Yay for being lazy! I’m feeling so much better for it today and even think I’ll be able to manage a good run tomorrow after work.

We have been working hard towards some good news, and I think it’s probably okay to share now. We’re almost at the point of exchanging contracts on our first house purchase. We are so excited to move out and live in a real house made of bricks instead of the tissue paper house we love in right now. It’s not far from where we are now but the area’s much nicer and we won’t have neighbours who crash about and make noise all day and night. We will have a proper garden too. It’s all go and we can’t wait!

I know I’ve been blogging less over the past few weeks and I have a few blogs planned but I’ve been having issues with WordPress web tonight and so I can’t write them at the moment. This post is being written via the iPhone app which is less than ideal! I’m hoping it’ll fix itself and I’ll be back up and running soon!

Until then iPhone blogging it is! Here’s to lazy weekends and more energy for the week ahead. Have a great one!

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