Sunshine Award

Well what do you know? The lovely Carrie over at Being Ladylike very kindly nominated my little blog for a Sunshine Award!

About the award:The award is circulated to those bloggers to let them know that their posts brighten your day.
The Rules:
1.  Include award logo in a post or on your blog.
2.  Link to the person who nominated you — See above (click on award)!
3.  Answer 10 questions about yourself.
4.  Nominate 10 bloggers to receive the award. Link your nominees to the post and comment on their blogs letting them know they’ve been nominated.

Carrie set 10 questions and here are my answers:

1.  If you could go back in to the past to relive an event or change an event, what would it be?
I think I’d maybe change some of the details in my wedding (no, not the groom!), and I’d definitely love to go back and relive it!

2.  Where is your favorite place to be?
With friends or family – preferably somewhere with rollercoasters and/or laughter!

3.  What are your top 5 favorite books that you would take to a deserted island?
I think Life of Pi, Time Traveler’s Wife, Through a Glass Darkly, Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince and a dictionary.

4.  If you could have one last meal, what would it be?
A juicy steak, chunky chips and a full-bodied red wine. Then some trifle, and then a cheese board :)….. and then more meals……. 😛

5.  How do you like to spend your spare time most often?
Exploring. Whether that be exploring myself, a new place, an old place, a book or a skill.

6.  Name your favorite childhood TV show or movie.
I remember watching one of the Superman movies over and over when I was small. And I loved The Sound of Music for some reason….. oh and The Little Mermaid to the point where the VCR ate the tape! I didn’t really have a favourite TV show as a child but as a teen I loved The X-Files and later on Buffy.

7.  How do you like to pamper yourself (daily or occasionally)?
My nails are my one big pamper area. As a child I painted my nails a lot and got pretty good over the years. I have a huge amount of colours, nail art and different finishes. It’s my thing!

8.  Who is your style icon?  If you don’t have one…who is a celebrity you have a crush on?
Gwen Stefani is a definite style icon, and Claire Danes’ hair however she does it and whatever colour.

9.  If you won the lottery, what would you spend your winnings on?
House, furniture, fixtures, car, holiday, family debts paid off (house, car etc) Build a photography studio and start a business – it’s all planned out 🙂

10.  Name your worst pet peeve….go!

Just one? I’m an incredibly intolerant person……

So here are the blogs I’d like to nominate for the award (- incidentally I would have nominated Carrie and also Ari from The Pace of it All, but they already got nominated!)

  1. A Healthier Moo
  2. Blown a Wish Photography
  3. Life in Kaleidoscope
  4. Laced Up With Lipstick
  5. Lady Of the Lane
  6. Movies of Myself
  7. Race, Reps and Ramblings
  8. Run Stretch Go
  9. Sweaty Escapades
  10. Travels with Mary

Here are my 10 questions for you lovely lot!:

  1. What’s the strangest search term that’s brought someone to your blog?
  2. What made you start blogging and what keeps you going?
  3. Which is your favourite season and why?
  4. What do you consider to be the strangest thing about Britain/British people?
  5. What’s the atomic number of Zinc? (And which 90s movie was the answer to this question in?)
  6. How old do you feel?
  7. What’s the strangest food you have ever eaten and did you like it?
  8. Which musical artist is your guilty pleasure?
  9. What’s your earliest memory?
  10. If you could dine anywhere in the world where would it be and what would you order?

I’m looking forward to reading your responses to my questions! Have fun 🙂

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10 thoughts on “Sunshine Award

  1. I wish I was good at my nails! But no, I’m too impatient and end up doing something just when my nails are at that tacky stage! I envy anyone that can do their own nails!
    Thanks for the nomination! 🙂 Will get started with my answers tomorrow…

    1. A lot of people say the same about not having time for their nails. I tend to do it if I’m watching an hour long tv show or just before I blog. That way they can dry as I type 🙂 I look forward to reading your answers! 🙂

  2. Hi Erin,

    Thanks so much that nominating my blog and your lovely comment. Very kind of you. 🙂

    Here are my answers to your questions:
    1. hot sweaty virgins (I don’t think they found what they were looking for..)
    2. I started blogging seriously to keep myself accountable when I was training for my races. My life has recently taken a new turn, so I’ve started a new blog, but I’m continuing to write in an attempt to keep a record of what will hopefully be a good journey!
    3. Winter! I come from Malaysia which is hot all year round. It gets boring after a while. 😛
    4. Hmm… how everyone always continuously talks about the weather hahaha (start of conversation, end of conversation, conversation filler…)
    5. I should know this but I don’t (see how useful my chemical engineering degree was?). Movie.. I don’t know, Back to the Future?? *hides behind table in case you just threw something at me*
    6. 21! I have no idea what I want to do in life now that I’m heading out on a new path… same feeling I had when I graduated from uni really!
    7. Crocodile in Kenya. It was surprisingly tasty!
    8. Ugh, some of Bieber’s songs are annoyingly catchy.
    9. Dancing around a table when I was about 3. Although I’m not 100% sure that I didn’t make it up. :p
    10. I’d like to go back to Japan and try the Wagyu beef that I missed out on. I’d also go on an absolute rampage eating all of the sashimi and sushi I can get my hands on.

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  4. I am cracking up at your dinner answer. It’s so hard for me to pick too. I love seeing what you do with your nails every time you post them on Instagram…and your nails are seriously perfection. I wish I had longer nail beds like you do too. Thanks for posting your Sunshine Award response! It was super fun to read more about you. 🙂

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