Bad Things Can Be Good Things

Over the last few days weird things have happened. And they’re the sort of things that would normally upset me or stress me out. One of the things really DID stress me out (losing all the photos [over 1000] on my iPhone after a corrupt backup failed to restore my stuff) But I seem to be dealing with it all quite well and it feels as though all these things have happened for a reason, which is nice, even if they’re all bad things.

Things are slowly progressing with the house purchase and we should be exchanging contracts  imminently. I’m itching to move and can’t wait to be rid of the noise and stress the neighbours cause. I also can’t wait to start decorating, as you will know if you follow me on Pinterest (hit me up if you want to – I’m Erin M)!

I’ve had some fun and games blogging too, since I wrote a really long post and then my computer messed up and lost it all……. I’ve also noticed the font on my WordPress theme is more raggedy than normal….. Very odd.

The weather has been a little milder than I’d have liked, of late. This is mainly because I have bought some new running gear for colder weather and then the weather went back to warm and I can only wear my shorts and vests again. Bring on the cold autumn chill 😀

In other news, I’ve been browsing the search terms that bring people to my blog once again, and there’s some chestnuts. A LOT of people searching Grave Encounters. If anyone can comment and let me know why this is being searched so much all of a sudden, I’d be interested to know – it can’t just be because of Halloween? Someone even stuck the exact url for this blog into Google to locate the post- seems a little backward to me, but each to their own! Some of the more obscure ones include:

  • Al Pacino nails
  • Post menopause bleeding
  • Beyoncé Camel Toe
  • Weekend surprises at home
  • Sex hormone
  • YouTube video on the toilet

If anyone wants to explain those too, then be my guest! I guess no press is bad press, as long as you are finding your way here 😀

That’s it for now, but in the meantime, here’s a photo of baby freaking out over a snowman. You’re welcome.

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