This May Not Have Been What You Expected

It’s been lovely to see a couple of the people who I nominated for the Sunshine Award post their answers on their blogs! If I nominated you but you don’t want to go through the rigmarole of a blog post please feel free to answer the questions in a comment on that blog post if you still want to answer them 🙂

Of course, as I mentioned some fairly dodgy search terms that brought people to my blog, in my last post, now people are searching those terms and coming straight to my blog…… So, Hi, and I’m sorry this wasn’t what you were after….. I hope you find what you were looking for regarding post menopausal bleeding or Beyoncé’s camel toe. Good luck with that! I really didn’t think that through did I?

And there’s good news, guys! We exchanged contracts on our house purchase and will be moving in at the end of next week! We’re beside ourselves with happiness. Now I have to form an opinion on paint colours and soft furnishings…… We will most likely be without internet for some time in the in-between stage so if I go dark it’s only because of lack of tech…. oh and there’s a good chance my laptop won’t survive the move because it’s on its last legs so who knows. I have my phone still!

Well, I guess I should start packing!
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3 thoughts on “This May Not Have Been What You Expected

  1. Exciting times! 🙂 Although moving is enevitably so much hassle, it’s a fresh canvas to work with and I had so much fun when we moved into our house – deciding where things should go and what colour to paint the walls! Fingers crossed all goes well with the move, and your laptop survives! 🙂

  2. Congratulations! I really wish all the people I nominated would respond. I’m sort of sad that they haven’t and it makes me feel sort of crappy. 😦 I was so happy and excited to be nominated by someone that I figured I had hopefully made other people’s day, but I guess not. Oh well.

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