It’s All Happening!

And so we have begun the massive job which is packing our lives into boxes. Thankfully this has included a lot of throwing things away.

The weekend wasn’t all packing. We started off by being forced out of our house on Friday evening by the noisy neighbours. I just couldn’t stand the idea of sitting in a house which sounds like it could fall down at any point due to the elephants living next door, so we headed out for a cheap and cheerful dinner at a diner about half an hour away. Once we had got back the noise had stopped thankfully.

Saturday we had a nice lie-in and then headed to Ikea and some various DIY stores. We chose the paint colours for the living room and bedroom and bought some cushions we found on sale which will go great with our new sofa. Whilst browsing in Homebase we bumped into someone I worked with in one of my past jobs. She’s a wonderful lady, now retired and doesn’t use Facebook or her mobile very often so isn’t usually involved in our extra curriculars. It was amazing to see her. She helped me through so really hard times in a job I disliked and struggled with and also with problems I had in my personal life. It was so good to see her, swap digits and she left with a promise that I’d have her over for tea once we’re settled in to the new house. I was so excited to tell her about my new job and house. I’m so pleased we bumped into each other! Later that day we spent some time in the new MK casino. It’s easy to spend 4 hours in there and spend hardly any money so that’s what we did. I really enjoy it. Playing roulette is kind of like doing a puzzle!

That evening we ate dinner and chilled out watching tv. At about 10pm I was antsy and feeling stressed – too much going on at the moment and my head was near to bursting. Gary suggested we go for a drive and listen to some music. I was reluctant but agreed so we got out of our PJs and hopped in the car. 3 hours later we returned. We’d been driving everywhere. We popped to Willen Lake to look at the stars, and saw two shooting stars, spotted constellations and become amazed at the clarity of the stars when you move out of the light polluted city. We both want to go somewhere truly dark in the summer next year – I’d love Gary to see the Milky Way with the naked eye like I did many years ago. It’s very humbling.

Sunday we had to knuckle down. Moving day is looming all of a sudden and we needed to get started. We managed to fill the car with stuff for the tip and packed the hardest rooms. Tonight after work we did some more and tomorrow we need to tackle the kitchen and some of our clothes. Thankfully we don’t actually have a lot of stuff – apart from books and DVDs which will be a nightmare because they’re so heavy!


It’s all taking shape though, and we’re still finding time to chill out. We’ve got the luxury of having a few days to move and also not moving too far away so we can move stuff in our car later on once the big moving van requiring stuff has gone. It’s all very exciting, and I can’t wait to share photos of the new place with you guys.

Wish us luck!

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