Moving On Out

So it’s finally happened. Thursday evening we got the keys to our new house and then on Friday, with the help of my wonderful Parents we visited DIY shops and bought what we needed to prepare the house for a move the next day.

Our first impressions of the house were a little overwhelming. This is our first house that isn’t a new build rental – ie. magnolia walls and plain carpets. There was an awful lot of stuff left by the previous owners that their stamp was still on the rooms. Not only that but their smell also lingered. Smoke and dogs. Not a pretty mix.

So on Friday we started off by taking up the horrible green carpet in the smelliest room and buying some carpet tiles for it. Job done. Then we prepared the living room for painting and got to work. It still needs another coat but it started to take shape very quickly. Today we moved most of our stuff and the bulkiest bits over in a van with the help of Gary’s Parents and Brother. Then we visited ikea (I can’t get over how busy it was!) and lugged the stuff back.

We’re kind of knackered but we have escaped to my parents with ready meals as we don’t have any cutlery or cups or a place to sit as yet…… Tomorrow is a new day and another day of painting and flat pack building. All I can say is thank God for parents and family! Without them we would have been clueless and way overwhelmed.

I have the whole of next week off so we’re determined to have some days off from the house so we can have a bit of a holiday but there is a huge amount to do. The fun’s just begun!

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