Wide Open Spaces

Roll the clock back to 1998. I’m shopping with my best friend and my Mum in London and we’ve gone into Borders for a mooch. This was the only Borders about at the time and it was massive. So many floors, a cafe and a media floor.

We’d had a look at the books and started browsing the music. This was the first place I’d come across a listening point in a store and so I just picked up the headphones and listened to what was playing.

I’d never really had an affinity with country music but what I heard piqued my interested. Wide Open Spaces by the Dixie Chicks played in my ears and within half a song I knew I wanted to buy the album. It wasn’t real Country Music but I was aware of that. Pop-Country would do. The CD was about £18 – standard for a new release at the time. Eek!


The CD was in the player constantly for months. It’s not an epic album but it really opened me up to a different style and later on their albums went back to the home style roots of country. It made me willing to listen to other artists without just poo-pooing them as being the music of pain (as Xander would say).

Listening to a shuffle on my iPod today for the first time in ages, I didn’t skip the songs from this album when they came up, and even though they’re a little dated they reminded me of this time brought back some fun memories. Sometimes it’s fun to revisit artists you’ve not listened to for a while. I’m not quite ready to revisit my Sarah McLachlan phase yet though…..

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