This Week I Have Been Mostly

This week I have been mostly really busy, and have found that I really don’t have any opportunity for relaxing most of the time. In fact next week I have something on every night. I think people forget that I’m naturally super lazy and I’d happily sit in my PJs all day – as I am right this second.

Here’s the rest:

  • Thinking about Christmas and getting that fuzzy feeling. Not to the full extent but it’s definitely helped by all the Christmas adverts on the TV (loving the Sainsbury’s ones) and spurred on by random texts from my Dad telling me he’s “bought the cranberry sauce”.
  • Working out my 5 I’m allowed: We watched the Friends episode where Ross and Rachel can choose the 5 celebrities they can sleep with and so obviously the question came up. So far I’ve only come up with one – Johnny Depp. I think he’d be on everyone’s list!Johnny-Depp-Jeans
  • Lusting over these Nike trainers. They’re the next model up from my current ones, but this colour-way is so pretty and I’ve been looking for it everywhere. Of course they’re out of stock where I found them. One day maybe!000519069
  • Discovering that I get terrible heat rash when I run outside in the cold and then come back inside. It’s excruciating. Also discovering that my knees hate me. On my last two outside runs I have ended up running way short of my goal because of terrible pain on the outside of my left knee. This is the knee I wear a patella support on too due to runner’s knee. I have read it’s most likely ITB related but my 10k is a week today and I haven’t been able to run much more than 2 miles without hobbling home. I have bought some Rock Tape and will trial it on a run Wednesday night. I’ve also been foam rolling the leg – boy does that hurt. I’m determined to run this 10k and will be devastated if I can’t.
  • Getting back into cooking. Over the last few weeks I’ve cooked more new meals from scratch in my new kitchen, than I did in the whole time we lived in our old house (5 years!) I don’t know why, but I feel like it’s more important than ever to have a large repertoire of meals that are healthy, taste good, are easy and will last over more than one meal. I love that I can cook a 4 portion meal, eat it for dinner and then have a meal to reheat after the gym later in the week using the left overs.
  • Getting concerned about the impending massive snow blizzard the news is reporting. Granted it’s just one newspaper that’s posting online and printing on the front cover EVERY DAY about the worst snow we’ve ever faced in Britain, due to hit the country at the end of next week. But from what I’ve seen it’s just a light dusting in our area. Still, I might be running my first snowy race next weekend!
  • Listening to Bruno Mars’ most recent album. The little munchkin man can write and sing a pretty decent song. Though I was a little shocked at some of the album lyrics in Gorilla…… Let’s just say I’m used to the radio edit.
  • Loving Yankee Candles – especially the Christmas scents. There might be some of these on my Christmas list…… 😀
  • Feeling like I need some more ‘Going Out’ clothes as I seem to have a social life now…… More sparkly things with LONG SLEEVES (it’s cold outside!) Suggestions please?

So, that was my week. I’ve come up with an exciting idea for some blogs over Christmas, so keep popping back (or checking your Facebook or Bloglovin’ feeds for updates).

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2 thoughts on “This Week I Have Been Mostly

  1. My knees hate me too, sorry to hear yours are fighting you. And I don’t get a heat rash but my face turns bright red and feels like it’s on fire when I get back inside from running and it takes forever to settle down.

    Joseph Gordon-Levitt would be on my 5. Love him. 🙂

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