From a rubbish start to the year, I seem to be ending it on a high note. I’ll write a blog to wrap up the year at the end of next month – and there’s some amazing and exciting things happening next year, but I’ll share those then. For now, I want to share two exciting events that I’m taking part in in the first half of next year.

On May 5th (May Day bank holiday) Gary and I will be taking part in our first half marathon. We signed up at the start of the week and are already making training plans in our heads. We’ll have a few months to train but it’s all very exciting. We’ll be running the MK Half Marathon as part of the MK Marathon which will be in it’s 3rd year. This is the first time they’ve introduced a half. We liked the look of this one because you start and finish the race at the MK Dons stadium and the final part of it is running around the track inside the stadium where spectators will be watching. We went and saw the finish this year and the atmosphere was wonderful. I’m a little apprehensive though because this race doesn’t seem to have the luck with weather. The first year was torrential rain and mud, and this year was a heat wave and the hottest day of the year thus far. Who knows, next year may be a happy medium? Fingers crossed!

The second bit of exciting news, also running related, is we’re running the Electric Run towards the end of April (a week before the half marathon!) It’s an easy 5k in London, run at night whilst everyone is dressed in neons and flashing accessories. DJs play music as you run through different lands all lit up and colour changing. Once you’re done running, you dance! There’s more DJ music and lots of glowsticks – it’s basically a running rave!

Gary and I have signed up but there’s a few of our friends who are also planning on joining us and making a party of it. I cannot wait! It looks like an amazing experience and so much fun.

Party on! I’m really looking forward to both of these, and what’s amazing is I get to have fun at the Electric Run as part of my training just before the serious half marathon takes place. Seems perfect to me! So those are two of the exciting things happening to us next year, that I couldn’t wait to share!

What have you already got planned for next year?

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4 thoughts on “#goodtimes

  1. I shall look out for you at the finish line! It has to be snow this year so be prepared! Either that or third time lucky! Fingers crossed! I’ve been persuaded to run the 12 hour Conti Lightning run the day before so no MK marathon for me this year. But everyone running the CLR is heading up to MK to support the club runners running the half/full the following day.

    1. Yay! It would be amazing to see you if it worked out that way. Let’s hope it doesn’t snow! Though that leaves hurricane or tsunami…… 12 hour run?? My god – will you even be awake the next day!!?

      1. Fingers crossed I’ll still be awake!!! And also that you don’t get a hurricane or tsunami! Not sure I fancy supporting in either of those, never mind all the people having to run in it! 😛

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