December 1st

Pinch punch it’s the first of the month! And it’s not the first of any old month, it’s the first of December – which means it’s the first day of Advent! You all know how much I love Christmas, and also how much I love you all (aww) so this year I have decided that I will blog every day leading to the big day, and share a little Christmas nugget to you all – thereby creating an advent calendar of sorts. It’s my gift to you, my lovely readers – a melange of tid bits I love about Christmas and festive things to share with you all. So here goes (drum roll…..) presenting:


To kick us off I wanted to share with you my advent calendar of choice for this year, which sadly is just a lusting. As a child I was allergic to chocolate and so didn’t ever have a chocolate calendar. My Mum prefered us to have religious calendars anyway, but since becoming an adult I hadn’t really gone for advent calendars at all. That was until a few years ago when I discovered Hotel Chocolat’s beautiful dark chocolate calendars. Just amazing they were. But last year I realised I was going days without opening my chocolate door and I think I even might have thrown the thing out without finishing it all…… shock horror! So this year I was delighted to find an advent calendar that was almost certainly made with me in mind.

Check out that beauty!

The Ciate advent calendar gives you a mini nail polish for every day of advent, including some of their pretty caviar beads and a funnel to use them. It’s a thing of beauty but alas at £42 a tad expensive. I can dream though can’t I?

Do you normally have an advent calendar, and if so what have you gone for this year?

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4 thoughts on “December 1st

  1. That Ciate calendar is very cool…but a las, way too expensive. 🙂 I had an advent calendar that I bought from Amazon all the way from UK (Cadbury). But because it is ridiculously still hot here in the 70s, the chocolate melted and it was hard to get the chocolate pieces out of it each morning. I didn’t get one this year. 😦

    1. Aww that’s sad 😦 Cadbury chocolate is the best though so I can understand why you went to the effort! Nail Polish is harder to melt, but yes it’s way too pricey!

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