December 5th


When I think about Christmas I think about the food, weather, spices, family, presents and lights. I also think about glitter. A lot. I usually think about glitter in my day to day life, but at Christmas my glitter appreciation triples and everything is more welcomed with sparkles on top.

What better way to illustrate my love of all things iridescent than by sticking a huge amount on my nails? Yes, it’s a total pain to take off, but I think I can sacrifice my time a little for the love of Christmas frosting.


Search Pinterest for a second and you’ll find tons of lovely ideas for your nails at Christmas, but above are a few of my own personal collection. As you can see, glitter features a lot! My favourite is the candy cane stripes. I love the base colour (Aspen, Nails Inc) and I only use that shade at this time of year, but adding the stripes adds such a pop to the metallic red. I also like to do gradient glitter on the nails, though I have run out of micro glitter top coat this year, so I need to restock before I can try that again. The bottom right is using Nails Inc’s Nail Jewellery top coat. I forget the exact name of the shade but you’ll recognise it when you see it (I want to say Princes Arcade) For the red and green manicure I used a matte top coat (Essie’s Matte About You) over the whole nail and then used Seche Vite just on the tips. It’s very subtle but I couldn’t stop rubbing my fingers over the top once they were done, and it looked very effective.

I’ve got some Fimo slices this year with festive icons on them so I think I’ll give those a go at some point, and I’ve been eyeing up some water transfer decals on amazon too……. but I’ll never give up on my glitter!

What is your favourite festive manicure?
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4 thoughts on “December 5th

  1. Loooove the red and green manicure, the “french tips” are so fancy looking!

    I bought some Jamberry sticker candy cane nail polishes…. they don’t last long on me tho so I’m waiting to use them. Right now I have some Sally Hansen Salon Effects from last year, white with blue snowflakes. 🙂

  2. These are great! I also love to do my nails and have been really into Essie’s package duos of sparkly Christmas colours this season. I’m afraid I don’t have a steady enough hand for candy cane stripes though 😦

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