December 8th


Today I’d like to talk about Christmas TV. I think every family has tradition of things they watch on tv and every channel has tradition of shows and movies they will always show. The uproar this year over Channel 4 not being able to show Elf this year was huge!

I’m planning on blogging about my favourite movie choices, this time of year, later in the month, but I wanted to chat TV first.

I know it’s different in other countries, but here in the UK we love a bit of Morcombe and Wise. It’s not Christmas without a special compilation of their best bits.

I’m also very partial to an episode of Only Fools and Horses during the Christmas holidays but then I’m always partial to an episode of Only Fools and Horses.

Of course on Christmas Day we usually like to watch the Queen’s speech and stand during the National Anthem – though after eating as much as we do for lunch I’m not sure many people can manage to stand. In my family it’s also tradition to watch Christmas Top of The Pops. Since TOTP was cancelled I’m so pleased they keep making the Christmas Special, as it’s usually the only time I get to hear any current music. This year will be different since changing jobs I get to listen to the radio every work day. I’ve actually heard of some of the top pop combos around today 😀

The Two Ronnies is shown every Christmas Day, and never gets old. Here’s one of their best:

Of course Wallace and Gromit feature at some point in run up to Christmas, and then there’s the new tradition of watching a new Dr Who episode on Christmas Day.

It’s funny how these shows shown at a specific time of year become family tradition and bring cosy holiday memories to you, even if it’s the kind of thing that can be shown all year around.


What are your family tv traditions?


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3 thoughts on “December 8th

  1. I was surprised not to see you mention The Toy Show…is that just an Ireland thing then? Also, you’re not a Dr. Who fan? I know a lot of UK peeps who love watching that. It makes me wish I was a Dr. Who fan so I could join on the coolness of the Christmas special every year.

    As for TV, we don’t really have Christmas TV traditions here…it’s more movies. Kind of makes me sad because it seems like Europe has annual holiday TV events like the TOTP, Dr. Who, and The Toy Show. Just another reason why I would prefer to get all Europe stations as a choice with our cable package.

    Trying to think here though…nope, there aren’t TV traditions. The only one I used to love and always miss nowadays is the New Year’s Day tradition of watching the Rose Parade. But I sleep through it all the time now.

    1. I’ve never heard of The Toy Show, I’ll have to look it up. And yes I mentioned Dr Who but I don’t watch it – not a fan. I never watched it as a kid and never really got into it when it made it’s come back.

      I love watching all the Xmas specials. There are some new year’s shows that are every year here too but I’m not that fussed about those. I’m normally in bed ten minutes after 12 – this year should be better since I’ve got time off over Xmas though. Excited!

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