December 11th


I know what’s important to me at Christmas, and I know what’s important to my family, but I wondered what was important to the masses. So I did a little research. I asked on Facebook and twitter “What’s your favourite thing about Christmas?”

I got a fantastic response. Here are some of the answers I got:


A perfectly acceptable Baileys for breakfast

People making an extra special to be nice to one another and not feeling embarrassed to show affection and appreciation. (Plus kissing my husband under the mistletoe!)

The look on people’s faces when opening gifts and the decs it’s all about the decs !! My house would look like Santa’s grotto all year if it was socially acceptable lol

The spirit of giving, the lights, the movies and the music

Sitting by the fire with the family, munching on Celebrations and listening to Christmas music.

Christmas films: Die Hard, Gremlins, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Trading Places. And Food… Lots of food

Catching up with friends via Christmas cards & singing Christmas Carols .

You spend a few hours a week with your family during the year, but Christmas Day you spend the whole day and evening

My favorites are: 1) Xmas tree decorations 2) baking for friends and family 3) Christmas lights 4) holiday TV specials

What I loved about the responses I got was that the overwhelming consensus is people love spending time with family and friends at Christmas. It’s a little sad that we only make the time over the holidays, and in my case I’ve run out of time to see everyone I told I would DEFINITELY see (sorry guys!) But I love that everyone feels the same as I do, and loves the time with family and friends. Despite it being a stressful time of year in some respects, the cosyness of the food, lights, fire and smells all help to create a kind of excitement that turns the stress into anticipation.

I’ve visited London a few times in the last few weeks, both in the day and at night and I really enjoyed seeing the lights and the hustle and bustle of the Christmas events going on. I’ve got my work Christmas party this Friday and we’re off to Hyde Park Winter Wonderland to experience the German market and the wonderful food and live music. Then Saturday I have my book club meeting at my house (my first gathering at my new house!). I can’t wait to spend this time being festive. Food, music, movies. It’s all good 😀


What’s your favourite thing about Christmas?

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One thought on “December 11th

  1. I love the fairy lights, or twinkle lights as we call them. And the decorations, and the smell of fireplaces and the cold (which we rarely get).

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