December 12th


As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I pride myself on trying to get the perfect present for the right people. It’s hard work and I often spend the whole year thinking of gifts for birthdays and christmas, just so I can get the right one. I have an amazon list which is set up just for me to add the odd idea for people as I come across them.

Over the years I’ve noticed it can often be the little incidental presents that mean the most to people. As a kid I remember being given a Fozzie Bear toothbrush which I loved, and a FunFax which was like a Filofax but for kids. It had so many stickers in it! And I loved it so much. I try to think outside the box in that way, especially for children. They love the little crafty sets that you can actually make something useful from or the handheld electric game they’d never had thought to ask for. I had a little soccer game with pixellated men on it trying to get the balls into the goal. I had hours of fun on that!

I once gave Gary a John Lennon cd boxed set. He’d previously owned it but leant it to a teacher at his school and never got it back. He’d been pining over it and mentioned a few times how he missed it. But he’d bought it once, and so it would never have come into his head to buy it again. Perfect present. When he opened it at my parent’s house on Christmas day, he later told me he found it really hard not to get too emotional over it. I’d gone to a little thought and it seemed like a given to give this to him as a gift, but he never once thought I might. It’s made it all more special to have now.

One year I found an amazing cardigan in a shop, which I knew would be perfect for my sister. So perfect that I after I’d bought it I was sure she already owned it and had to call my Mum and make sure. That’s the kind of gift I like to give.

This year I’m going very low-key with presents, as we all sometimes have to from time to time, but I’ve still gone for gifts that I think will be useful and that I’d like to get given myself. What I’m most excited about is the fact I have time off over Christmas for the first time in 12 years, since I left school. Being able to actually relax on Christmas Day evening knowing I don’t have to work the next day is the biggest gift I can get this year. And I’m also able to spend New Year away with family, for the same reason. You can’t wrap it, but it’s the best present I could have asked for.

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One thought on “December 12th

  1. I remember getting a FunFax when I was a kid too! Must’ve been pretty young or shipped from someone in England. Either way, I loved it so much!

    My family can be pretty rough about presents, especially on birthdays or mothers day, but not as much on Christmas. Which is always good…

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