December 15th


The time has come. With ten days until Christmas it’s about time I wrote about food!


Food is one of the best things about Christmas. All the spices and roasted foods, comforting and wonderful to smell. Chestnuts are a big favourite of mine. I never really had them until I met Gary but it was a standard thing for his family. Cut a notch into each one, pop into the oven and soon you’ll have a wonderful warm snack. It’s fun to crack them open and then you get to eat what’s inside!

I also find I’m now fond of Stollen, despite hating fruit cake or anything with raisins inside. It’s sweet, soft and usually has lots of marzipan and icing sugar. What’s not to love?!

This time of year I’m partial to the odd mulled wine and a cocktail or two, but my favourite Christmas tipple is a snowball. That’s advocaat and lemonade. It’s fairly old-fashioned but so yummy. I like to have a few while I wrap the Christmas presents!


Something I’ve discovered this year is butternut squash, and after having it for the first time about a month ago I scoured Pinterest for more recipes. I found this amazing one from The Vegan Cookie Fairy, for roasted butternut squash and chestnuts. It has sweet shallots and thyme in it too. We made it a few nights ago, and even though it was for 4 people we ate the whole lot. It was amaze-balls! You should try it if you like butternut squash, and it was so easy to make. I’m even considering making some to take to my in-laws for Christmas Day.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

This time of year I also love party food, and in my family celery sticks with Primula is a bit of a tradition in Christmas evening’s buffet. Anything you can eat with your hands is okay with me! I love Wenslydale cheese with cranberry, Quality Streets, maple roasted parsnips, and even the odd brussels sprout. It’s all good!

Darn it, now I’m starving……

What’s your favourite food at this time of year?

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