December 18th: Friends


Last night I was able to have my first girly get together at my new house. It was exciting because being able to host in a house which is comfortable, and mine was amazing but also because it’s Christmas. I got some food in and the girls brought some bottles and we listened to music and set the world to rights for a good few hours.


Christmas is all about friends and family, and I loved having the girls over not just to chat but also to spread Christmas cheer and just be together. This is a great bunch of girls! We have to meet again soon though, because one of our group was unable to make it – gotta put that right!

Last weekend I was able to travel with one of my best friends to London to visit another bestie, at her home. We met up in Covent Garden, had lunch and then went for a walk around seeing the lights and shops. It was wonderful to spend quality time with them both and it felt all the more special because of the festivities.


I’m loving the social side of Christmas, and often find it frustrating when people say they want to meet up and then if I don’t arrange it myself it doesn’t happen. This hasn’t happened this year, as people are making the effort to contact me. That makes me feel that they’re real friends and want to see me. Friendship works two ways and this Christmas I’m really appreciating all the friends I have and counting my blessings that they’re in my life.


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2 thoughts on “December 18th: Friends

  1. I love all the catchups over the Christmas period as well. We moved halfway between Dan’s family and mine after I qualified as a teacher. So two hours from all our best friends, which is frustrating when it often means that we’re the ones that have to travel!

  2. Yeah, a lot of my meetups don’t happen unless I’m the one to plan it but I look at it as I’m the only one that doesn’t have a husband or kids (uh depressing) so I have the free time to plan things. Doesn’t mean they love me any less, they’re just a bit busier than me. :p Glad you got to have a great time with your friends!

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