December 21st – Let It Snow


Let’s talk about the weather. I must say that when I was younger I loved the snow, and longed for a white Christmas, but most of my life Christmas Day has been clear and crisp and mild. In fact I can’t think of a single Christmas Day when it rained. We’ve even had some amazing Christmas Day sunsets.

I seem to remember it being snowy every year in the winter when I was very little. I can see the street I grew up on, all white and mushy, in my mind’s eye. But for the longest time I remember the weather being nothing special.

For the last few years we’ve had snow around Christmas Day but never on the day itself. I remember some very stressful Christmas weeks in retail working extra long shifts because my staff couldn’t make it into work, and crawling home in the snow trying to get through a 20 minute drive and it taking hours. For some reason when it snows everyone panics and becomes an idiot on the road. It’s fairly entertaining, just not when you want to be out in it!

This year the newspapers were saying we should expect the worst wintry weather in history. Snow storms to end them all. Thankfully this hasn’t happened (yet) and it’s remained mild. We just have very strong winds and a fair bit of rain.

I’m a fan of snow but only when I don’t have anywhere to be – though I would admit I really would love a white Christmas Day.


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