December 22nd


This Christmas has been unlike any other for one reason – I’ve been very very lazy. I was thinking back over my lifetime of Christmases and I think that ever since I was old enough to write my own cards or buy my own presents to hand out I’d been planning Christmas since about October.

When I was at school I would do my Christmas shopping in the October half term because who has the time to do it at the weekends or evenings? School always ran right up to a few days before the big day and you needed to have your gifts to give to friends by then anyhow. Then once I’d left school I went into jobs that had retail hours, so I again had to plan ahead in order to get everything done. Years later I usually had a meal planned for Gary and I on Christmas Eve if I wasn’t working, so then there was food shopping to factor in.

This year I’m not working retail hours for the first time in 11 years and I have all the time in the world to shop, buy, wrap, plan and write cards. As a result I left it until yesterday 😀 It’s been amazing not having to be über prepared and have everything prepared early. I’ve really enjoyed a stress-less nonchalant approach to christmas this year. I could never understand how people could leave things so late, but now I realise that if there’s no rush then there’s no stress. Bootiful! And it’s giving me time to enjoy everything else!

On a fairly unrelated note, I saw this recipe on The Vegan Cookie Fairy‘s blog and thought I’d share it – it looks amazing!

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