December 24th – Christmas Eve!


Well, we’re here! We made it to Christmas Eve even though the excitement sometimes made it feel like we’d never make it. In the words of Kermit the Frog “There’s only one more sleep ’til Christmas” – how are you holding in the excitement? I know I’m having a hard time!

I can’t believe it’s here already and I also can’t believe I managed to think of 24 blogs about Christmas – it was pretty tough at times. I hope you enjoyed reading them!

Christmas Eve as a child was always full of anticipation and pretty much just waiting until I could go to bed and wake up on Christmas Day. My sister and I had stockings to put at the end of our beds. We would put out a mince-pie and a white wine spritzer for Santa (what can I say? it was the 80’s!) I never twigged that that was one of my Mum’s tipples and that she’d probably be the one drinking it….. call me naive but I believed in Santa! I think I used to put out a carrot for the reindeer too.


Later on I would find myself working the majority of my Christmas Eves. In retail Christmas Eve means an early close (usually about 4/5pm) and then all hands on deck to prepare the store for the Boxing Day sales. It’s hard work and not easy to manage if everyone isn’t fully there in mind – it’s hard to keep a load of 18-20 year olds focussed on the task at hand when they want to go and see their friends in the pub! The years I wasn’t working Christmas Eve meant I was working Boxing Day instead, so I wouldn’t get the extra family day. I would plan a Christmas dinner for Gary and I to eat on Christmas Eve evening.

I used to always insist on watching The Muppet Christmas Carol on Christmas Eve. Over the years this has changed and now we always watch The Holiday and The Polar Express. This year will be no different and tonight, after dinner I’ll put on my cosy pjs and watch Polar Express whilst drinking hot chocolate with marshmallows. I’m so excited!

What are your Christmas Eve traditions? Have they changed over the years?

So all that’s left is to wish you lovely lot a fantastic Christmas Day. I hope it’s a day full of love and family (and lots of yummy grub!) – stay happy, blessed and most of all stay safe.


Happy Christmas!!

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2 thoughts on “December 24th – Christmas Eve!

  1. Happy Christmas! Well soon to you anyway! We sometimes get to open up a present the night before… Not always tho. Oh and my mom will probably drag me to church. Ugh b

  2. Loved reading this! (a few days late)
    We always watch Christmas Vacation…that’s our Christmas Eve thing, but only in the last few years. My mom’s side of the family used to come over on Eve and we would have a dinner and open gifts.

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