My Christmas

Merry Christmas to all my Shutter-ettes! I hope you all had a wonderful time. My Christmas Eve was lovely. It started with a festive morning at work which included a little bit of work, some Secret Santa pressies and some very fun music quizzes. Everyone got great secret santa present. I was given some Butter London nail polish! Whoop!

We went for a Christmas drinky after work and then I headed home to get my festivities on – there was Christmas Day stuff to prepare as well as movies to watch. The evening was set aside for The Holiday and Polar Express which I watched with hot chocolate and marshmallows. I had been tracking Santa all day on the NORAD app and was determined to wait until he hit London but as with children all over the world that night I couldn’t manage to stay awake until Santa arrived – old habits die hard I guess!

Christmas morning I woke up at about half 8 – I think that’s the latest in my whole life that I’ve woken up on Christmas Day. The day was a wonderful mix of family and presents and food. Perfect. We were exhausted by the time we got home! I got some amazing gifts, and about a year’s worth of nail polish! I want to wear them all at once! I’m gradually working my way through them…..

nails collage

Boxing Day was a made rush to the supermarket since we’d run out of food (eek!) and then cleaning the house before the family came over for a few hours to see the house and spend some time. After they left we needed to get out of the house for a bit and so headed to the shops for the last hour of boxing day sales. The shopping centre was predictably quiet and we managed to get a few bargains before heading home and making a roast dinner for two 🙂 Gary seems to have come down with a nasty flu-like bug and spent the evening passed out on the sofa. Boo!

It was a good Christmas, but I’m always glad it’s over when it’s over, and eager to take the decorations down. It’s time for new year excitement and the start of a fresh year. I cannot wait!

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