Goodbye 2013

Well, the end of the year is upon us. And what a year it’s been! It started out rubbish but so much has happened this year that I have to say it’s been one of the best.

At the end of 2012 I wrote this:

So 2013 – it’s going to be about change and planning for the future. It’s going to be about doing what we want to do and having fun. Getting healthier and being happy. I’m also going to be a blonde rather than a red-head! We want to get into our own house and make a place our own. 2013 looks promising and I can’t wait.

Well that was mostly true. I gave up on being blonde pretty soon into 2013 and I’m pleased I did – I’m a red-head at heart and that’s that! I started 2013 on the verge of being jobless, stuck in a terrible rental house with the world’s noisiest neighbours, family health issues and bored.

  • The biggest change to our lives was when we started running. I’m so glad I did. I’ve been running now since April and there’s no going back. The fact that Gary started running too was amazing and now I have two 5k and two 10k races under my belt. It’s not easy and it takes some motivation but we definitely spur each other on. I’m planning on writing a blog about my year in running soon, and detailing the fun planned for 2014.
  • We bought a house! Finally we landed ourselves an amazing place. It’s needs some work doing on it, but that’s part of making it our own. When we’re finished we could have our dream first home!
  • Health – My Dad got the all clear after being diagnosed with cancer at the end of last year. It’s been so tough for him but he’s remained strong and has come out stronger because of it. We’re all so proud of him. Gary’s health has also improved due to treatments which have allowed him to start running and keep at it. He’s tired all the time because of the Crohn’s but he’s powering through. We’ve both joined a gym to help us get stronger, which in turn will assist our running. Magic.
  • Work – since my retail job at the start of the year was temporary, I changed jobs with the help of a friend and now am in a position I love and finally out of retail. It’s also brought me closer to one of my best friends, which is amazing!
  • Friends – this year I’ve seen so much more of my friends and loved it! A group of us girls, we’ve named book club even though there are no books involved, and also seeing my other best friends regularly has been amazing. Seeing my friend Jen every day at work has brought us closer and she’s more of a sister from another mister now. I don’t know what I’d do without her! I’m really very lucky.
  • Music – since changing jobs I get to listen to the radio every day and as a result I’ve actually been fairly up to date with current releases for the first time in years. What’s more is I’ve actually liked some of it – who knew?!
  • I saw Pink Floyd’s The Wall and Frankie Valli this year, and also sat in a room with Al Pacino whilst he talked about his life.
  • Reading – well I’m currently 17 books behind my 40 book target. Since changing jobs I don’t really have the time for reading, but I’ve managed to read a couple of books in the last week or so.

My general outlook on life has remained positive. I took a massive risk with my job last year and was able to leave a permanent job for a temporary one which I knew I would enjoy much more. My mental attitude changed at that point and anything seemed possible. I felt like I wasn’t drained of all energy and prospects when I came home and I felt encouraged by the people I worked with. Towards the end of my contract, the manager told me everything would work out when I didn’t get the job I thought was mine to have. She was right. I got another job and within two months was also a home owner. Not bad eh? Everything most definitely happens for a reason.

And so we stand on the edge of the next year, peering over with anticipation of what will or will not be. I find that very exciting. It’s a chance for a new start, new months all unwritten and full of prospects. Parts of my 2014 are already planned. I’d like to have a holiday at some point, but other than that I have some races already booked into my calendar (more on those in my upcoming running post) I’m going to see Taylor Swift in February and Katy Perry in May. I want to become stronger and fitter and get a few steps closer to becoming the best version of myself.

So here’s to an amazing 2014 – make sure you ring it in good and proper!


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