Let’s Get It Started

Can you believe it’s the 4th of January already? But at the same time it seems like Christmas was a really long time ago. Our decorations came down on New Year’s day, and it always seems like things are a bit too plain when that happens. We decided to keep some of the white fairy lights up because they look so pretty. They’ll be adorable in the summer – I might even get some outdoor ones for the garden!

I managed to get a girly fix from a meet up with the Book Club on New Year’s Eve Eve. A few drinks at the pub and some giggles. We shared goals for the following year. Most of them included fitness and diet, same as the rest of the world’s, but with these girls I know they’ll work hard to keep them. No three week gym memberships for us! I also had a go with my friend Amy’s Nikon. She’s got a lovely flash on it and I was so impressed with the light it gave to the photos. It’s inspired me to get one, when I can, and it also inspired me to take my Canon away with me for New Year.

New Year’s Eve was spent with family in Norfolk. We travelled up once G Man had finished work and checked into a hotel then travelled the 20 mins to my Grandma’s house where my Mum and Dad, Sister and family already were. We had chinese takeaway and then my Aunt and Uncle came over. We had some presents, some boogies to Chic and some yummy macaron made by a local chef.


Our family new years traditions usually involve board games, and this year did not disappoint. A round of the Logo Game and we found it was a few minutes to midnight! We rushed into the living room to watch the fireworks and count New Year in.

The next morning we headed to Gary’s parent’s house where his Mum had cooked up a mountain of their family favourite, called Nanny’s Stew. It’s an amazing Irish stew with so much veg and meat in it. It’s delicious. I think I had three helpings! It was great to spend time with both our family’s within a 24 hour period.

It being New Year I was able to start making use of a Christmas present from my Sister. I’d seen this diary a while back somewhere and added it to my wishlist. I was so pleased that someone bought it for me. I shared a photo on instagram of it and as a result so far about 6 people I know have also bought it. I bet amazon are wondering where the rush on these diaries has come from!


So this diary is not like a normal diary. It’s a 5 year journal with a page for each day and at the top it has a question. You answer the question and on the same day for the next 5 years you answer that same question. It’s going to be really fun to see how my answers change over the next 5 years, and re read what I’ve written. I just have to make sure I remember to write in it every day!

My year has started well as far as healthy food is concerned too. I found a really nice smoothie at Tesco that has pumpkin in it, and I even forewent a full english breakfast on New Year’s Day and had porridge instead. I want to retry quinoa, after my disaster last year when I got the conversions wrong and it ended up über stodgy. I want to try Chia seeds in something just to see what they’re like, too. Saying all this though, my healthy eating hasn’t prevented me from catching Gary’s cold and so I’m spending my first weekend of the year inside trying to fend off whatever is making my throat feel like razors. My running training plan needs to start this weekend but I’m pushing it to Monday – let’s hoping all the gym newbies have given up by then so I have a treadmill to run on! The place that we usually take our outside runs is flooded at the moment due to these massive rain storms so we couldn’t have done that anyway. Maybe that’s a good thing – rest up and then hit the road. I can’t wait to get started!

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5 thoughts on “Let’s Get It Started

  1. Feel better soon friend! I’ll let you know how my quinoa and chia seed lunch go on Monday. I’m just sprinkling the chia seeds on the top and people who say they add quinoa to the bottom part of their salad jars also say it absorbs all the good flavor. So we shall see. I’m making them all tonight. I haven’t checked my mailbox yet, but my Q&A should have been here by now…I thought it was going to come to the front door, but nope.

  2. I got that diary for Christmas last year! I love the idea, although only managed about 50% of entries last year, but have moved it up to my bedside table now to fill in each night before bed.
    Hope you’re feeling a bit better now. It’s so rubbish feeling ill, especially when it’s miserable outside as well.
    Whereabouts were you in Norfolk? That’s where I’m from originally and my family all live up on the North Norfolk coast, near Holt. I’m back there quite a lot of weekends throughout the year. I miss the beach too much!

    1. My family are from Watton near Thetford so not near the coast. It’s a shame since I love the sea, but haven’t seen it in ages! Hope to visit again this year and go to Hunstanton when the weather’s better!

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