This Week I Have Been Mostly

This week has been all about feeling better. Last weekend was a write off because Gary and I had what we thought was a cold and turned out to be a viral infection. It knocked us both for six and meant we had to delay starting our half marathon training. We did, however start to feel well enough midweek to make a visit to the gym and do some weight training, followed by an easy 2 mile run on Thursday evening after work. It was the first time we’d run in the dark and we found a nice little route looping where we live. It’s well-lit and doesn’t get too muddy, though the pathways are a little uneven at points so you do need to concentrate – I don’t think I’d do well trail running!

photo 1

I wrapped up warm and took advantage of a rain free evening. My Garmin had run out of battery so I ran with the Nike running app on my phone but had accidentally set it to pause every time I stopped running and so when I waited to cross a road it paused without me realising. Half a mile later I noticed the distance hadn’t moved and worked out what had gone wrong. Needless to say I was a bit miffed – especially since as I was wearing gloves I couldn’t get it going again myself. That was the first run record I have ever discarded. Naughty Nike app.

Strength training has been going well too and I can feel it making a difference to my running. I’m hoping the work I’m doing on my legs will reduce the amount of injury I suffer down to ITB and runner’s knee pain (not to mention how great my arms will look in the summer!). The run on Thursday was great with only a small knee niggle as I ran back towards the house. Today we went for another run around the same route and I felt no pain at all. Our training plan will have us running at least 4 times a week with rest days at the gym working on strength. We plan on working in some core exercises to be done at home too. For Christmas I received a Moleskine journal aimed at health and wellbeing. I’m really looking forward to using it and getting something down on paper.

Because we’re out of the house so much at the moment and being so active, food has become a real point of focus for us. We always try to eat healthily but we can be a bit lazy and buy prepackaged meals that are easy to whack into the oven and leave for 20 mins. But now we need healthy hearty food pretty quickly when we get in from running or the gym and we need it to be filling too. I’ve been trying to make the long-winded meals at the weekend and make enough for 4 people that we can eat half of that evening and then chill the rest to reheat  in the week. I’ve also been making pasta bakes at the weekends to portion out and take to work for lunches so I can get my carb fix before I head for my work out. I’m really enjoying trying new foods out and my herb and spice cupboard has never looked so good!

Pinterest is a god send when looking for recipies and this time of year it’s full to bursting with fantastic healthy food ideas. The latest one I’ve tried is for cheesy broccoli orzo which has made enough for two good-sized portions to take to work. It tasted great hot so I’m hoping it survives a nuke in the microwave at the office!

photo 2

Next weekend I’m excited to get the slow cooker out and give it its first spin of the year. I really really love food – can you tell?

As well as working out and eating, this week I have been painting my nails (a lot) so that I can give all my new bottles a try. Not too sure on the Nails Inc Leather or Sprinkles. I am looking forward to trying the chrome and hologram ones soon though. I’m also intrigued by the Gwen Stefani OPI range that’s about to come out. Not blown away by the shades, but intrigued by the new technology.

I’ve been keeping up with my Q&A journal and reading all your blogs. I’m loving the amount of training I’m seeing, healthy eating and positive motivated people –  go you! I’m constantly inspired by you all 🙂

Next week for me is all about getting my first full week of training done, eating well and working hard because next weekend I intend to play hard. Saturday night is girl’s night and we are going for a boogie – I can’t wait!

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6 thoughts on “This Week I Have Been Mostly

  1. I always put in a pizza or something quick and easy when I’m tired and I really need to get out of that habit. Often if I’m running and Dan’s at footy we don’t start making tea until 8pm. I am good at doubling up the portions when cooking but get bored after a couple of days of eating the same thing. You’ve reminded me that I need to pull my slow cooker out too!

  2. Keep it up! That orzo does look good and it should nuke pretty well since it’s pasta. I am still waiting for that perfect question to inspire our first linky party for the journal. I haven’t forgotten…so I’ll let you guys know when I put it together. 🙂

  3. I wish I had someone to run with, that must be nice, especially in the dark. The orzo looks delicious, yum! I’ve been keeping up with my Q&A journal, although for some reason I forgot last night and did it this morning. Still counts lol

    1. Definitely still counts! It’s not the kind of diary that you have to remember what you did that day so catching up a day later is totally fine 🙂

      Yeah I like running with someone in the dark. Makes me feel much safer and pushes me to run for longer without giving in due to lack of light.

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