Rain & Peri Peri

This week was my first full training week. It involved three outside runs with gym visits on alternate days, and it went fairly well, although we skipped the gym on Wednesday and took a rest day. The runs went well and I’m making a conscious effort to take it slowly to start with so that I don’t aggravate my knee. I had a little pain today on my long run, but I’m much happier with it this time around.

There’s been an awful lot of rain during the last few weeks and our normal running route has been flooded so we’ve been running elsewhere. I knew eventually I would need a jacket that would keep me cool and dry when it’s raining so I found a lovely one in the Adidas sale.

photo 1

It’s a bolero jacket with a hood that’s zipped to a sleeveless jacket underneath. You can take the bolero bit off and you’re left with a lovely breathable waistcoat type jacket that you can use in the summer. It’s super comfy and has a pocket at the back for my phone.

I had the chance to take it for a spin today on our long run. The weather had been less rainy and the local Parkrun (who use the same route as us) wasn’t cancelled so we figured the paths were passable. We were wrong….

We ran about half of the route fine but then we came across the first area that was flooded, and then the second, and then our third alternative route was also under water. We had no choice but to turn back!

photo 3

This is a fairly high arched bridge so we were very surprised to see it had all but disappeared under the lake! At least I managed to clean parts of my now muddy shoes where the lake had flooded the path….

photo 2
lake at the top, path at the bottom. Water in the middle!

We might have to give the lake a miss for a while until it’s dried out a bit!

Incidentally thinking back to warmer days, Women’s Running finally put up the photos from the September 10k I ran in London, and it included a photo taken of Gary, my Mother-In-Law and Me after my race. I wondered whether this photo would ever surface!

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Other than training we have been watching Modern Family, eating and generally chilling out. I’ve discovered Nando’s Peri Peri mayonnaise and have been wanting to eat it with everything. It’s amazing! I’m not a great fan of spicy stuff but this is just the right amount of kick. It’s not the healthiest thing ever but hey, everyone needs a little bit of fat in their diet…..

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2 thoughts on “Rain & Peri Peri

  1. Ooooh love that jacket, I love that it can be used for the summer too. I need one of those! And those pictures are gorgeous, even if they threw a damper in your running plans lol

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