Goodbye January

I cannot believe that January is over already! Doesn’t time fly?

This month has been varied, difficult, tiring and motivating. Here’s what I’ve been up to:

  • Training. Plans were put in place at the end of last year and we’ve spent this month easing into them so we can successfully complete our first marathon on May Day bank holiday. It’s taking some adjusting to due to work schedules, weather and trying to keep a balance between training and resting. I think we’re doing okay – not amazing but I’m not worried that we’ll complete our training. During the period between now and the actual half marathon we have two races planned in, a 5k and a 10k which will complement our training and give us some benchmarks on our progress (and hopefully some PBs!).
  • Planking. I started doing the 30 day plank challenge and I’m about half way through. Currently on 1.30 mins and it’s getting harder. I’m starting to get back pain whilst doing it, so I’m really concentrating on my form whilst I’m doing it and trying to adjust so that I’m definitely using my core and not my back to stay up.
  • Eating. We’ve been buying a lot more chicken and different kinds of veg, eating more pasta and just more in general. I’m trying to eat more regularly, and by adding an 11am and 4pm snack to my working day I have been less hungry when I get to my meals. I’m trying to teach my body not to hold onto the food I’m putting in and choosing foods that will give me energy and help with recovery depending on the workouts I’m doing on that day.
  • Seeing my friends. I’ve seen so much of my friends this month, it was a wonderful continuation of Christmas. I’ve been out at the weekend 3 times in as many weeks. It’s been amazing but I think I need to slow it down now and concentrate on training and resting properly on my rest days.
  • Lusting over nail varnishes! I bought the new Gwen Stefani minis from OPI with some vouchers I got for Christmas. I love them all and have tried out some nail art with them this weekend. It’s a tad messy but the overall finish was okay.

photo 1

photo 2

  • Planning for February. We are taking our niece to see Taylor Swift at the O2 on Tuesday and we can’t wait! It’s going to be an amazing day – I’m just as excited as she is! We also have tickets to see Dog Day Afternoon at the Southbank BFI as part of an Al Pacino season they’re doing and the following weekend we are seeing Pixar in Concert at the Royal Albert Hall – all Pixar music played by an orchestra. These two events bookend my week off work, when I’m hoping to do some training, chilling, reading and finally do some things to the house!

It’s been a pretty good month and I’m really looking forward to February and seeing how much I can squeeze into it. I’m really interested in seeing how my fitness can improve this month and if I manage the 5 minute plank at the end of my challenge!

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