You Got a Friend In Me

The last mega fun event we had planned for my holiday was another trip to London to visit the Royal Albert Hall. We had tickets for Pixar in Concert –  music form the Pixar films played live by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra whilst montages of the films played on a screen above.

We headed to London late morning and popped into a few shops before looking for somewhere for lunch. I finally found the Mello Melon juice I’d been hunting for, in Whole Foods. Cantaloupe and Watermelon raw juices – totally delicious.

photo 2

For lunch we decided to try Jamie’s Diner in Piccadilly. It’s labelled as a pop-up but I think it’s been there for some time now. The decor was cool and the staff were very friendly. I ordered a cream soda to drink and since I’m used to the fizzy stuff that comes out of a Barr’s can I was very surprised with what arrived. I’ve no idea what was in it but it was yummy, refreshing and tasted like lemon meringue pie in a glass!

photo 2(1)

To eat I went for the Happy Cow vege burger. A bean and vegetable patty with russian dressing and all the salad you’d expect. It came with a pickle, rainbow coleslaw and I ordered avocado fries on the side. It was all delicious.


Knowing we had to get a move on to the Albert Hall, we skipped desert and walked to the station where we took a few tube trains and then enjoyed the chilly sunshine to our destination. Our seats were great and it wasn’t long before the show started.

photo 1

The orchestra was, of course, fantastic and played wonderfully and emotively. The music from Finding Nemo was the highlight but they also played the opening scenes from UP and that definitely touched everyone in the room. I can’t watch that movie because the first part is just too sad so it was torturous to sit through it again especially with the music being right there in the room with you!

photo 3

Gary found the above photo on the Scouting For Girls twitter account, who it turned out were also there. I’ve circled Gary and I in the floor seats – you can just make out our grey tops and my red hair!

It was a really great show to see and everyone seemed to be enthralled by it. It was great to see so many tiny people also enjoying it, obviously drawn in by the Pixar element but hopefully by being exposed to live classical music they might see the value in it as they get older.

Coming home was a mission as all the local tube stations were closed due to a protest about Venezuela so we had to walk half an hour through South Kensington to Knightsbridge to the next tube station to get our train. We made a train home just in time and had the chance to sit for a bit, both with tired legs and throbbing headaches. My sinuses had started to play up again and all I wanted was to nap.

After a rest and some dinner, I felt a little more like myself so was fine to head out and see my friends as planned. A few drinks and some great chats and we headed to the local casino for some roulette time and more chats. By half 12 I was a little tired so decided it was time to head off and so I called it a night at 1am.

This morning I was so tired I dozed in bed until about 10am – very unlike me! It’s my last day of holiday today so we’ve done our food shopping and I’m spending the rest of the day watching Supernatural and slobbing about. It’s back to work tomorrow and I’m really looking forward to getting back to it and most importantly seeing my buds – most especially my best friend who I haven’t seen for a whole week and I miss her!

Next week I have lots planned, including my very first yoga session ever. I’m excited!

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