We Are Not Scaremongering, This Is Really Happening

We are all familiar with Facebook hoaxes, password hacking, spying, privacy rights squandered. But in the last few years they’ve gotten personal with fake missing persons, kidnapping, dog thieves and attacks. It’s hard to know whether these things are true and many well-meaning people like to share these stories in the interest of public awareness.

I think people make these things up just so that they can have their five minutes of fame by knowing they’d spread the hoax and to see how far it could get. The thing is that these people aren’t always that bright. The latest of these hoaxes has come in the form of a child being abducted from Lego land. Here’s the story:

photo 1(1)

Apart from it being really badly written (I think the British have the worst hang of the English language out of all the people in the world ever) there are major issues with the story. For example, the child was found being pushed out of the park in a drowsy state – being pushed….. by the kidnapper you’d have to assume and in that case you’d also hope they’d been arrested or something and as a result wouldn’t be a threat anymore… either that or this is more serious that we thought and we need Mulder and Scully on the case.

The aim of this particular story was, I’m guessing, to pull at the heartstrings of Mums so that they’d share it amongst their Mummy circles and get it around that way. The sad thing is that it’s as a result of stories like this that the real issues and true attacks aren’t being shared – they’re just not sensational enough and don’t pose enough weird threat to get the ‘shares’. It also means I won’t believe what I read. It’s a classic case of the boy who cried wolf.

What can I say? People are all about gossip, urban legends and creating the drama.

What’s the weirdest, worst or hoaxiest (I think I just invented a word!) Facebook story that you’ve read?

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