That Was The Week That Was

Woah what a week?! It’s been a busy week, back to work and trying to ramp up my training.

First of all thanks for the comments regarding my photo being featured on the Red Bubble front page. I was really chuffed and have gained lots of followers and even sold some stuff from my shop as a result, so it really pays off to get noticed 🙂

This week started off slow with getting back into the swing of things at work and getting back on the horse with running and strength training.

  • On Sunday I cooked another Pinterest recipe Lazy Sunday Roast and I have to say it was amazing. I would never have thought of steaming the veg in a little stock first and then adding balsamic vinegar, but the flavours were amazing (especially the carrots) and I had enough left over afterwards for a second sitting later in the week which I took to work. Amazing!

photo 1

I have altered the recipe a little – I didn’t use fennel and I used more sausages, but it really was delicious!

  • Early in the week Gary and I received our race packs for the 10k we’re running next Sunday. It seems like so long since I ran a race – it’s only been 3 months – but I love getting my number and info in the post and can’t wait to get caught up in the atmosphere and buzz!

photo 2

  • On Thursday my friend Jen and I experienced our first Yoga lesson. I knew it was going to be intense but after an hour I was really exhausted. We enjoyed it so much that we’ve booked in for next week already. It was really fun!
  • What with yoga on Thursday and running on Friday, Saturday and today with a planned run tomorrow I’m feeling a little tired. I did plan on going to the gym this afternoon but instead I’m going to spend it food prepping for the week and reading magazines of which I now have a tasty stack!

photo 3

  • Today I ran my fastest 5k (30:47) which I’m really pleased with but need to slow it down in order to complete the distances I want to run. I’m nervous about the 10k next week but also looking forward to seeing how my training has improved my race running. Let’s hope the weather is better than last year’s event, when it snowed!

The week ahead is full of training, more yoga, work, food and having fun! We’re off to London on Saturday for another Al Pacino fix at the BFI and then it’s race day. I can’t wait!

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