This Week I have been Mostly

It’s been a tiring week! After last week’s 10k I hoped I could pick up my runs from where I’d left off, but apparently my legs don’t work that way. I gave myself a rest day on Monday and then Tuesday was supposed to do an easy recovery run. Instead I ran 3.5 miles at varying speeds and at one point broke the sub 9m/m because my legs were feeling so good. Naughty me. Wednesday was another rest day with yoga on Thursday and a rest yesterday meaning I only ran twice this week.

Another beautiful weather weekend meant that it was a no brainer to head off for a run this morning. I ran my fastest 5k in 29 minutes – so pleased I hit sub 30 mins at last. Again this was naughty as I was meant to be making today my long run at a slower pace, but apparently I’m not very good at following my own plans. The weather was so lovely though. I ran in just a vest and some new capris and was perfectly cool.

Gary and I on our Sunday run
Gary and I after our Sunday run

It seems an awful lot of my friends have started running in the last few months so I thought it could be a good motivator to suggest we all get together and run the 5k Race For Life this year. I sent a message around and the majority have said yes! It’s going to be an amazing experience to be able to run with and motivate all these wonderful ladies for such a great cause and also show them how much fun race running is! I’m planning on organising some training runs on weekends nearer the day too so they can all meet each other and we can see what levels we’re all at. I can’t wait!

Another big thing in my life at the moment is that my work is moving offices to a location about 10 minutes further away than it currently is. As a result I’m having to brush up on my driving and soon will be taking the plunge and driving myself to work every day. Not a big deal for most people, but those who know me or who have been following my blog for a long while will know that I have a major fear of driving. It’s something which I’ve been fighting hard to get over for a long long time and I think I’m almost there, but it’s a massive deal for me and something I’ll be relieved to get over once I do.

On a side note, last weekend Gary and I finished watching True Detective, an HBO show starring Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson. What a show! If you haven’t watched it yet then you really must. One particular scene from one of the episodes in the middle was filmed in what appeared to be one shot and was so amazingly choreographed. This series has to win some awards – and it being only 8 episodes long, I’m tempted to re watch the whole lot again.

So the coming week is full of ‘who knows’ with the strong possibility of moving offices I can’t really plan my after work extra curriculars but the plan is to do a long run early in the week and then some easy ones. With the weather being so good at the moment, it simply screams for you to be outside and enjoying it so I plan to do as much of that as I can!

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2 thoughts on “This Week I have been Mostly

  1. I was desperate to get an easy run in today just to be out and enjoying myself in the sun but put on my sensible head and kept it as a rest day instead. I’m rubbish at keeping slow runs slow when I’m feeling good though! It’s just so tempting to see what your body is capable of…!

    1. Oh it’s so hard when you feel like your legs can push you forever and you just want to GO! But then I burn out. I’m so rubbish at pacing myself it’s untrue 😀

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