Charts and Graphs

I’ve just been looking over my Nike+ runs (add me if you like, I’m Groggits!) and analysing the various graphs and things on there. I like a good graph 🙂 It’s really interesting to see how many runs I’ve done and how my training has improved my pace and distance over the past 11 months. I still can’t believe I’ve almost been running for a whole year! And whilst looking at the graphs and charts I notices that my 1 year runniversary falls the day after my half marathon – what a way to celebrate?!


I’ve started following a BUPA half marathon training plan and am right on track distance-wise for this number of weeks until the big race, so I’m feeling good about my training. (Just ignore the 5th March – I was struck down by the dreaded stitch that wouldn’t go away!)

As you can see Monday was my long run day and I ran just over 7 miles. This was my longest distance to date and whilst completing this I managed to get a PB on my 10k time (again!) by knocking off about a minute and a half. I think it’s making a big difference that as part of the loops we run around our neighbourhood we have to run up a mahoosive hill that makes you want to cry by the end. But it’s really helping our training. We’re learning firstly how to cope with hills, pacing my run up and recovering afterwards and also pacing my run down them too. It’s teaching us how to cope with tired legs and how to breathe when changing to and from varying surfaces and elevations. We really noticed how much of a difference regularly training this way made to our ability to cope with the hills during the 10k we completed a week and a half ago. And even though all you want to do is stop and sit down half way up the incline during the training runs, by the time you’ve run back around you realise you’re not tired or breathless and you can do the hill all over again.

It took 4 laps of our loop to achieve 7 miles on Monday and I have 8 miles on the plan for next week. Soon that 7 miles I ran on Monday will make up my short run…… what a thought!

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One thought on “Charts and Graphs

  1. I love being able to look back and see improvements. (I’m such a stats geek!) Well done for powering through a tough hill on your long run. It will make such a difference to your fitness level, despite making you cry!

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