Of Calories and Scrapes

Well the beautiful Spring weather has disappeared and been replaced with freezing wind and torrential rain again. This commenced on the first day of Spring – oh the irony.

Still we have continued to run and continued to make the most of being outside when we can even if it does mean bringing out the running gloves I so naively put away.

The tail end of last week was spent getting used to the new office we have moved to at work and training. The weekend was relaxed because we didn’t have anything specific planned other than my getting a hair cut. It was really great to see my hairdresser because for one reason or another we hadn’t seen each other since August last year, so my appointment flew by as we caught up with everything that had gone on – which was a lot!


After that we headed to Boots because I needed some more blusher. And I’m sad to say that after 15 years of continuous use and replacement, Rimmel have discontinued my blusher shade. So I bought something I thought was close. It’s fine but not as warm a shade as I would have liked. #firstworldproblems I also bought something I’ve been wanting to try for a while now, Stila One Step Colour Corrector. It’s a face serum that promises to correct the green/pink colours in the face to make a more even skin tone. The reviews I had read were amazing, saying that this was so good people had stopped wearing foundation because of it. Well I don’t wear foundation but have a very uneven skin tone so really couldn’t wait to try it. I will write a review of it soon, but I have to say here and now that I’m impressed.


On Sunday we started the day with a run around very windy Willen Lake followed by a leisurely 3 course lunch at the new casino. Their restaurant is lovely and really well priced. It felt very civilised. It was also a really bad day to start using My Fitness Pal to track our meals. Sunday was an uncharacteristcally heavy food day so we had a bit of a shock once we’d entered our lunch! Three days in and I realise I’ve been overeating on rest days and on those days need to cut down on the carbs. Plus I really have to increase my protein intake. It’s been really interesting but hard work entering all the foods (thank heavens you can scan the barcodes!). I’m hoping that after a couple of weeks I’ll get a true picture of what I’m eating against what I’m training.

Yesterday I was planned in for my long run after work, 8 miles. It was a bit of a scary distance to I’d mentally prepared myself and by 2.5 miles I was feeling really positive that I’d make it. And then I tripped. One of my biggest running fears has always been tripping whilst running because I’d fallen so many times as a kid whilst just walking that I knew it would hurt badly if I was running. The pavements along one stretch of the route we run on are very uneven tarmac and paving slabs. Mix this with the fact that my right leg drags slightly when it gets tired and you have the perfect tripping combo – which I did and splatted spectacularly on the pavement. Gary was up ahead and didn’t see me fall but said he heard the thud of me hitting the ground even over the top of the music in his earbuds. That was enough for me, and just 2.7 miles in I had to hobble home. I’d deeply scraped up my right hand where I’d put it out to save myself, my left hand a little, both my knees and my left hip. My hip took most of the fall so sleeping last night I felt like there was an egg attached to my side and today my whole left side aches. It’s made doing anything with my hands really tricky today…. Thankfully because of the cold weather I was wearing long running tights and they stayed intact and protected my skin to a massive extent. Only 5 minutes earlier I’d taken my gloves off and if I’d have left them on I wouldn’t have hurt my hands at all. At least now I can say I’ve had my first running fall and even though I never want to do it again it’s done now (and not as bad as Mo Farah’s was – but then he runs a tad faster than me!)

Something that’s made me feel good this week was receiving an email from an area manager of the company I worked at previously. I had mentioned to her that instead of me leaving the company at the end of my temp contract they should just open me a shop in Watford to manage. At the time she pretty much laughed in my face because that location wouldn’t work for the brand. Yesterday I got an email from her telling me that they will be opening a store in this location and she’d like to meet up with me to discuss it. I’ve replied and told her I’m happy where I am, but it was lovely to get that email and know that I’d made enough of an impression for her to remember me at the very least but then for her to email me about it. I felt a little smug, I must say.

So for the rest of the week, it’s a rest day tomorrow and then I’m going to attempt my long run on Thursday which should have given my wounds enough time to heal so I can get back to it. That 8 miles has my name all over it.

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2 thoughts on “Of Calories and Scrapes

  1. You must have made an incredible impression for that manager (Angela?) to remember you that well!
    Hope your ouchies heal quickly x

    1. I can’t believe you remember the name of that area manager! No, it was the AM of the MK store who emailed me as the new store is in her area. I doubt the other one would remember me 🙂

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