New Kicks

This weekend flew past in a gale of jobs, chores and visits. Friday night we ran and then headed to the fish and chip shop for a treat dinner. I was supposed to be running with a friend on Saturday morning but I’d had such hip pain on my run the previous evening that I knew I needed to rest.

We headed to Sweatshop to ask their advice since I’ve been struggling with my right foot rocking inward causing blisters, my foot to drag and my trip and fall last week. I was convinced that it was the cause of my hip pain too. I asked whether I would need an insole for my right foot and showed them my running shoes. The manager asked me to stand straight and in front on him and he could see immediately that my right knee drooped inwards. I’ve never taken that much notice before to be honest. I was helped out by a lovely girl who firstly stood me on a green plate and took various pictures of my feet and then she warmed up some flat insoles. These were then moulded to my feet. She fetched a few pairs of shoes with higher support and told me I shouldn’t be wearing Nikes because they’re the widest fit you can get and I have really narrow feet. I needed something with a little more support.

I tried on three different shoes, using their treadmill with and without the moulded support insoles in each pair. The girl was amazing and spent as much time as I needed getting the feel right. It was so good that Gary asked if he could have the same service after me. It was a good thing in the end because he worked out why he’d been getting knee pains and was able to get a pair of shoes to correct it.

We both love our local Sweatshop and the manager knows us by sight…. not sure if that’s a good thing! But the service was amazing. I’m really pleased that we now have shoes which will be good for us, and I wouldn’t be surprised if my Nikes are the reason why I had knee pain for so long last year, even though I had a gait analysis when I got them. So apparently I’m an Asics girl now, and I love my new shoes – I’m lucky they’re very pretty!



So I’ve been breaking them in and I have 5 weeks to get used to them and for them to get used to me 😀

On Saturday night Gary and I watched Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones. This is an interim film between Paranormal Activity 4 and 5 which is due to come out later this year. It carries the plot along but doesn’t hugely touch on the other films – until the end, which had me gasping with realisation. It’s an immense addition to the franchise.

Sunday was Mother’s Day and so after our run and my food prep for the week we headed over to my Mum’s and then to Gary’s parents where his Mum had laid out a table of food  – it was to celebrate Gary’s birthday which is today!

For his birthday this year, since we don’t always go for masses of pressies any more, I made a present for Gary. It’s a photo frame with three square apertures. Inside them are a map of where we met, where we married and where we live. I got the idea from Pinterest years ago and have been looking for the perfect frame ever since. I found it, finally, when I visited London a while back and with a little help from my friends (thanks Hayley and Jen!) I was able to complete it in time for Gary’s birthday. And he really really loved it!


So, the count down to the half marathon is upon us. I have decided to run this 13.1 miles for Macmillan Cancer Support because they’re amazing and have helped my Dad so much whilst recovering from cancer. You can sponsor me at my Just Giving page if you want to but if you can’t or don’t want to then I’m also taking moral support donations! I intend to write a post about my training leading up to the big event nearer the time. With my new kicks I hope it’ll be pain free!

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2 thoughts on “New Kicks

  1. Sorry! So you get both your twisted knee and your narrow feet from me! You’ve got away with wearing normal shoes so I hadn’t realised your feet are narrow too.
    Hope your new running shoes help.

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