Busy, Not Busy

This weekend has been both busy and not. For some reason it’s felt a lot calmer and I haven’t thrown too many things into the mix.

Friday afternoon I was sent a group message asking if anyone was free for drinks that evening. As my evening was wide open I said yes as did another friend, but later on in the day circumstances changed so I suggested they come over to mine for a more chilled and informal evening of chats and tea – jogging bottoms and slippers welcome! There ended up being four of us and we had a great evening just chatting and catching up. It was a lovely start to the weekend!

Our hands were forced on Saturday in that we wanted to go to London but Gary had a hair appointment at half 1 and so we knew we had to go after that.

I’ve been following a women’s sport brand, Lexie since last year and saw that they were having a pop up shop at Boxpark in Shorditch. Boxpark is a bunch of shops made out of shipping containers and usually has some quite trendy brands in there. I clocked the dates that Lexie would be there and put it in my diary.

We had a lovely relaxed morning, ate lunch and then headed out to the hairdressers. I love going to our salon because we know pretty much everyone who works there and they know us. It turns out Gary’s hairdresser is running the same half marathon as us in 4 weeks!

We headed straight to the station after this and were in London fairly shortly after that. At Boxpark we had a mooch in some of the shops but I was most interested in Lexie. Greeted by the lovely Lily Rice, Lexie’s founder and head designer, I browsed the stock and was immediately taken by a couple of tops which I tried on. I decided to go for the Jean tee. It’s a lovely soft grey marl featuring the Lexie logo in metallic silver on the front. The fabric is so light and soft. It features a grey waffle raglan short sleeve which turns into a black mesh. The back’s amazing because it’s got a lovely black mesh panel running down the centre. It’s functional and sexy and would look great with a patterned or bright sports bra underneath. We had a great chat with Lily and she even gave me a left over goody bag from an event they’d had recently at the pop up shop, and it included a Bounce Energy Ball which I’ve been wanting to try for a while. (Thanks Lily!) While in there I spotted a long-sleeved top on one of the promo images. We were told it should be in over the next few weeks, so I’m definitely going to be stalking the website for that one! Go check them out – you’ll love their stuff!

photo 4

What I really like about Lexie is that the designs are both classic but edgy and perfect for people who don’t want some of the really garish sportswear that’s out there but also want to stand out (plus their stock is all made in the UK!). The prices are reasonable and along with brands like Lorna Jane, it really does fill the gap we have in the UK for unique women’s sportswear. I can’t wait to wear my tee – it’s likely I’ll be wearing it a lot during the summer!

After Boxpark we headed to Soho where we were meeting one of my best friends, Sarah for dinner. During our walk to the restaurant we stumbled across the London Marathon shop and had a mooch. They had a really cool wall with all of the past finisher’s medals on it. Gary has a few of these since his Dad’s scaffolding company scaffolded the finish line for about 15 years and they used to give all the contractors a medal at the time. It was really interesting to look at though.


So in Soho we met up with Sarah, who lives in London and had just finished work so we knew it was a perfect opportunity to meet up and have chats.

photo 1

We decided on The Diner in Soho and headed in. I ordered a berry ice tea to drink and it tasted wonderful and refreshing. Just what I had needed. To eat I had buttermilk chicken and waffles with gravy and maple syrup.

photo 2

It was seriously amazing to eat and I could have eaten another whole plate. I think I’ll have this again next time I go. We didn’t fancy anything on the menu for dessert so headed to Snog in Soho and had some frozen yogurt and fruit. After that we called it a day as tiredness had started to hit. I almost fell asleep on the train!

Today we had another relaxing morning before heading out to the supermarket to do the boring food shop. I am being more adventurous with my meal choices now though, and have had some inspiration from a photo I saw on instagram for a chicken breast, mushroom cous cous and tenderstem broccoli dish. So we’ll be having that at some point this week! After lunch we headed to the gym. Gary had a guest pass and his friend met us at the gym to take advantage of the treadmills for a brisk 10k as part of his taper for the London Marathon next weekend. It’s so hot in our gym that I only managed half an hour on the treadmill before I had to stop and cool off, but I followed my run with some ab and shoulder work and some lifting. On the way home I munched one of the freebie bars I got at Lexie yesterday. It was a pumpkin bar from a company called Rude Health, and it was really delicious!

photo 3

I had the most amazingly relaxing bath when I got home and almost couldn’t get out! And then it was time for dinner. I made sausage casserole with mash and tenderstem broccili – it was super yummy!

This week I have a couple of long runs planned, and hopefully my first Race For Life training run with my friends this Saturday. Then on Sunday it’s the London Marathon and weather permitting we’ll be there to cheer people on. I can’t wait!
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