Midweek Madness

I haven’t done a midweek catch up in a while and I’m having a proper rest evening tonight so I thought I’d take the opportunity.

Last night I ran 7.55 miles – 3 times around a local lake. What amazed me the whole way through was how un-tired I felt. I was never out of breath and felt like I could have held a conversation the whole way around. Since I’m still breaking my shoes in, I still struggled with my hip being in pain and that was the only reason I didn’t make up the additional .5 mile to make it to 8. The shoes are definitely helping though, and my dodgy foot felt a heck of a lot more supported. Good job Sweatshop and Asics!

Due to the hip pain I’m not running or doing gym work at all tonight but I have another long run planned for tomorrow. I’m aware I’m behind on my plan for the half marathon training but I’m trying to not let that get to me. I put a HUGE amount of pressure on myself to get to a certain standard by a certain time and get very very disheartened if I muck that up. I only have myself to blame. But after yesterday’s run, so long as my hip behaves, I know I won’t have a problem going to distance and at a decent time. I’ve bought some tiger balm and I have ibuprofen tablets and gel so if my hip’s still a problem on the day I can dose up.

My main issue at the moment is I will, as usual, most probably get my period on race day – and the Shot Blocks which are pure sugar cause a massive dose of cramping. So I need to weigh it up and work out what’s more important and less uncomfortable!

Today I started the #100happydays project, mainly on instagram but I’m posting it to twitter and Facebook too. It’s part of a social experiment from what I can gather and it says that 71% of people give up before the end saying they can’t find the time. Well, who knows if I’ll manage it but I’m willing to give it a darn good crack!

Day 1 of 100 Happy Days
Day 1 of 100 Happy Days

It’s only half way through the week but I feel like it’s almost done. I’m so excited for the weekend since it’s packed full of good stuff. Friday night I’m out for dinner with friends, Saturday I have a Race For Life training run and Sunday is the London Marathon. The weather’s looking good for Sunday – pretty much perfect running weather. Gary and I are planning to take a packed lunch (as well as Jelly Babies for the runners) and set up camp to cheer people along. It’s going to be so exciting!

Only two days of work until it all kicks off…. I can’t wait!

Does anyone have any tips to help prevent, treat or recover from hip pain when running? All are greatly appreciated!

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