#100happydays Update 1

I briefly mentioned in my last post that I’ve started the #100happydays project. It’s a social experiment that practically dares you to finish it by telling you that 71% of people who started it gave up before the end due to time constraints, and then points out ‘who doesn’t have the time to be happy?’

Well I like a challenge and after completing Project 365 twice surely I can manage this project…. right? Well I’m on day 4 today and I thought I’d share my pictures so far.

Day 1: I started the project one evening so a cosy home based selfie seemed appropriate – with the help of a couple of buddies of course.


Day 2 was taken at work. I have a lot of fun there, which is important when we’ve been so busy. It’s nice to stop for 5 and be an idiot 😀


Day 3: Dinner with friends. I went out with a group of friends for a Nandos and chats after a hard arms session at the gym. We had a great time!


Day 4: Today I went running with a couple of friends. We’re running the Race For Life together and are trying to get together a few times before hand to train together. I found that I can now chat and run a decent pace which means I’m getting fitter. Yay for me!

Tomorrow is the London Marathon and Gary and I are going down to cheer on the masses, so my photo should be exciting. Good luck to all of you running and keep an eye out for me along embankment (around the 24 mile marker) because I’m going to be packing jelly babies!

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