Good Friday Fun Day

On Good Friday I woke up stupidly early because that’s what my body clock now does! I forced myself to stay in bed and had a late breakfast. Then I got ready to head out because I was going to lunch with two of my favourite girls!

After a cuppa and a chin wag at Jen’s we made our way out to Buddies Diner. Jen’s training for a bikini comp and so is following a strict diet. This would be a carb day and so she was looking forward to digging in, as were we all!

Having arrived we perused the mammoth sized menu, trying to decide what to eat. It was very tricky!


We decided to share a ‘mountain of nachos’ to start.


It was seriously good. I’m not a starter and pudding kinda person so I filled up rather fast on these. But they were amazing!


Then the mains arrived and we’d all gone for burgers. This photo shows us all taking pictures of our food for instagram….. yes, we’re THOSE people!

It was amazing to spend time with these lovely ladies – chill and eat and gossip. It’s always a pleasure.

After our burgers we were stuffed but Jen still found room for a milkshake!


By this time we were all feeling rather full and sleepy, so we headed to a local lake for a walk and a sit down. It was a tad breezy and a bit chilly so we didn’t stay for long but it was lovely to get some fresh air after all that lovely grub.


We headed to my house after this for a cup of tea and a brownie that Sarah had made. She hadn’t seen my new house yet so it was lovely to have them both over. It was a perfect bank holiday outing with two of my besties!

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