Book Club Easter Day

I managed to stay in bed until 11am on Easter Day. We woke a little later than normal and then watched DVDs and ate breakfast in bed. The weather was a little gloomy so it was nice to snuggle under the quilt.

I was picked up at midday by Tash and Hayley and then we picked up Amy and Caz and headed to Sarah’s. We were so excited because we’d been invited for a proper roast lunch at Sarah’s house, near Oxford. The road trip began with much chatter and laughing – we started as we meant to go on!

Sarah’s wonderful annex flat was so cosy and decorated so well. Her bathroom is exactly the nautical type of affair that I want once we’ve ripped out the avocado three-piece! We started the day with some wine and lots of natter. Tash decided we needed to do our own version of the Oscars Selfie, and we all agreed that that was a good idea.


I think we did quite well! We then went around the group telling each other what was new – we hadn’t all been together for 6 months we worked out! This took some time since a lot has been going on. Everyone had something amazing to tell, and it’s so good to hear every one of us moving on and progressing with our lives. It’s so exciting, as was some of the news that was shared!

The girls (minus Tash) sharing a toast; Hayley and I excited by the road trip; Actual books at the Book Club? Never!

I gave out some of my World Book Night books (a couple of days early I know!) and introduced books into our Book Club for the first time…. a novel idea! (Boom boom!) Then it was food time. Sarah had cooked roast chicken and pork (with crackling) plus all the trimmings. It was truly amazing and so yummy I had two helpings! Then the cheesecake came out, which was also amazing – I might have had two slices of that too…..


So feeling full and happy we sunk into the sofa and continued our chatter. It was amazing how fast the day went and I think we left Sarah’s at about half 7. The trip back was fun and we listened to the Frozen soundtrack and sung it out loud!

It’s amazing to spend time with this bunch of girls and I was very lucky to be able to spend most of the day with them! Next stop Eurovision 😀

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