MK Half Marathon Training

I wrote this post yesterday. I wrote it yesterday and scheduled it to post whilst I’m running my first half marathon, so if you’re reading this around the time it’s published you might like to think of me slogging away out there somewhere.

The idea of running a half marathon is epic. At the end of my first 10k I thought to myself it’s absurd anyone would complete that distance and then continue to run it again.

The training plan for this half marathon has been strict and well planned out. Eat the right food, have the right hydration, train with energy blocks to see how I react to them. The following of the plan hasn’t been all that strict. At the point of writing this the furthest I have run is just shy of 8 miles. I have suffered with injury in both my left hip and right knee. It’s gotten to my brain and made it so hard to focus and motivate.

I’m frightened I haven’t done the training I need, scared the injury will come back and worried that I won’t make it. I have no doubt that I will complete this. I do however want to enjoy it.

I know it’s going to be tough – running always is. I know I will have aches and pains but I also know I can run. So far my friends and family have raised over £200 for Macmillan Cancer Support and I have to remember I’m running it for them and for my Dad. He overcame cancer once, and was recently told they have found some more. I have an amazing circle of people who are coming to cheer me on and support me throughout the race. I’m running for them and I won’t let anyone down.


The fear of the unknown is huge with this, and with all of my previous races I’d trained the distance I was running at least once. I can’t say the same now so it’s both scary and exciting.

See you on the other side. Wish me luck – I think I’ll need it!

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3 thoughts on “MK Half Marathon Training

  1. So sorry to hear that they have found more cancer. So tough to hear after being told someone is cancer free.
    Fantastic big well done for Monday though. No luck was required! And you’ve raised a huge amount for MacMillan to boot! 🙂

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