I did it!

As The Bloggess would say, this isn’t a real post.

I wanted to just pop in and say I’m here, I’m alive and I did it! I ran my first half marathon yesterday and I survived!

Photo Credit: Amy Phillips
Photo Credit: Amy Phillips

I ran it a tad slower than intended but considering the type of training I’d done and the heat and the fact that it was REALLY hard, I’m really pleased with my result! AND I enjoyed it 🙂

I will write my post race recap when my brain is working again, so hopefully I’ll sit down tomorrow evening. Today has been a mixture of lazy tv watching, painful foam rolling, hydrating and this evening a lot of pampering including a hair mask, face mask, body oil and later a liberal application of after sun!

I also want to mention that today I’m celebrating my 1 year Runniversary and what a way to complete my first year running than with a Half Marathon ‘eh?

Also, a lot of people liked my Overnight Oats post and Drink Me Chai who I mentioned in that post liked it so much that they shared it on their Facebook page, which I was pretty chuffed with! (Don’t forget Shutterbug has its own Facebook page which can be found here, so if you want future posts to show up directly in your Facebook feed then pop over there and hit Like!)

So that’s that for now, but keep ’em peeled for my post race blog – it’s gonna be emotional, folks!

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