This Week I Have Been Mostly

This week I have been mostly:

  • Recovering from the Half Marathon! I’ve been totally drained and worn down by hay fever fatigue this week. It’s the worst I’ve ever had and hasn’t been helped by a bad reaction to a new hay fever medication, which I won’t be continuing to take! Hay fever sucks!


  • Being baffled by Amazon’s new #amazonbasket. So you’re on twitter and you see a product you like? You tweet it with that hashtag and it’s added to your basket. Except there is no need for this and the only tweets mentioning it are from Amazon themselves advertising the hashtag. It’s as if they’ve created the need and now are crazily trying to fill it.

  • Noticing more and more how similar Disney’s Frozen and Pink Floyd’s The Wall are. Think about it. A child is effected by an affliction at a young age (disillusionment with war, growing up/powers) and shuts themself away behind a metaphorical/real wall/room. Finally makes it big/escapes and feels like they own their affliction, until they realise this hurts the people around them. At which stage they need to face their fears and their tormentors and overcome the wall/curse. Of course there’s a lot less reindeer in The Wall.
  • Making my new home more cosy. We finally did things like putting up curtains in the living room and buying frames for the walls. We’re awaiting the prints through the post to put in them, so at the moment they’re just empty frames but even now they make our rooms look so much better. I’m excited to carry on making the house our own.
  • Trying out OPI’s new Glitter Off base coat. It promises to allow an easy peel-off removal of glitter polish and dark colours, that are notoriously hard to remove. At first look and sniff it looks like PVA glue….. and it dries like it too….. and the ingredients are basically PVA glue. I used some with my Nails Inc cupcake sprinkles polish. It was okay except since it’s designed to peel off it chipped at the tips very quickly. It didn’t really peel off easily either and my nail beds are only slightly less damaged than they are when I naughtily pick off my polish…… I’ll still use it with heavily glittered polish in the hope that my nail condition will be a little better after peeling.


  • Looking forward to seeing some old friends. I have a couple of visits from friends this week and I haven’t seen either of them in ages. It will be great to show them the new house and catch up!
  • Trying the samples I’ve had from Everything But The Cow and The Collective Dairy in preparation for my blog reviews. I’m a lucky girl to get to try these delicious things so I can let you all know about them! Stay tuned for my reviews.

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